A Grand Stay at the Resort in Gangtok


Often we plan tours to enjoy stay at a luxurious place and experience their royal treatment and world-class facilities. And, if the stay turns out to be in a pristine land like Gangtok, the value gets more and more. Our second trip to Sikkim was something like that. Our travel agent booked Orange Village for us and it was simply amazing. Staying at the Orange Village Resort made us experience the sharp distinction between our daily life and unwinding days there.

This unwinding life without timetable, alarm clock, appointments and daily hassles are always great. All thanks to Shah Tours and their arrangements with Orange Village, our relaxing days were truly refreshing. However, apart from Orange Village, there are numerous other resorts in Gangtok. Mayfair Spa Resort & Casino, The Nettle and Fern Hotel, Delisso Abode – A Sterling Holiday resort all these are bests in their own way. The rates vary marginally from around Rs. 2000 to Rs. 5000 approximately (rates are variable and subject to change as per Resort’s update).

Luxury resorts in gangtok are known for their luxurious facilities, world-class amenities, sumptuous delicacies and warm gestures. Almost all resorts in Gangtok offers local cuisine to international ones. The architecture might make rightly feel in the Himalayan lap and the amenities would make you feel close to the contemporary world.

These resorts near Gangtok also have faculties for business parties and seminars. Therefore, a seminar at the hills with a luxurious stay could be refreshing and enticing for your associates and employees. The best way to enjoy the place is by taking help from a travel and relaxes. Their guided tour, quality service and offers would surely make you have an enjoyable and memorable trip for lifetime. Moreover, you are going during the peak season like October or March, agents might even give you lucrative offers and additional facilities. So, just go ahead and plan a trip with Best travel agents in siliguri like Shah Tours.

** Blog post contributed by one of our happy clients.