How to Book a Hotel in Gangtok

Vacations are an important part of our lives. To take a break from our regular lives we need to travel to places where we can enjoy with friends or family. Some isolation can turn out to be a boon. But one thing that everyone thinks about is the Budget. Travelling can be expensive depending upon the type of accommodations or destination that you choose.

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Hotel booking is no rocket science, though you have to certain amount of research to get the best deal so that you can save some money after booking the tickets and hotel rooms. You’ll want to go sightseeing, buy gifts for loved ones and savour good food, so you need money for that too. We’ll help you with some tips to book a hotel in Gangtok so that you get the best and cheapest deal:

  • Meta Search Engines: Hotel Meta Search engines are gaining popularity and it is very easy to find an affordable hotel with cheap rates. Hotel meta search engines are those that help you to search multiple hotel booking sites all at once. Some examples are Trivago, Tripadvisor, etc.

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  • Talk directly to the hotel: Getting directly in touch with the hotel in Gangtok, you are considering proves to be beneficial. You can directly negotiate rates or even get better rates than those posted online. The room rents depend on the location and time of your visit. So if you see a centrally located hotel asks for more money, look for hotels that are away from the city centre to get better rates.


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  • Last minute booking: While this is not applicable for long tours or corporate events, if you are on a short trip you can do a bit of research to get last minute deals, Many travel websites offer deal like “deals tonight” or “last minute deals” which can save you hundreds of rupees. You can also talk to the hotel directly to know about last minute deals.
  • Travel in groups: This is another great tip if you want to save money. Travelling in groups allows you to share accommodations (of course if you get along well with each other)and save a lot. While on a vacation you probably will be returning to the hotel to spend the night, so sharing a room shouldn’t be much of an issue.

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  • Book cancellable rates: Many sites offer deals like “Free Cancellation – pay later” which makes sure you have booked a room and still have the opportunity to look for other options and cancel this if you get a better deal. Room rates fluctuate according to the demand; so on peak seasons the rates shoot up. It may so happen that a particular hotel is in demand and has higher rates and the hotel adjacent to it skips everybody’s eyes and you get a better deal from that, still being able to stay in the same preferred location.

Remember you have to do some hard work to get better deals than others. So if you resort to any of the above mentioned tips to book a hotel in Gangtok, you’ll surely be on the better side.


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