4 Easy Ways to Book a Hotel in Bhutan

Bhutan is a must-see destination and is an ideal place to visit with family and friends. Newlywed couples can also plan their honeymoon in Bhutan to make memories to cherish for a lifetime. Like any other destination, before you head towards Bhutan, it is important to consider the accommodations where you would like to stay.

Finding an accommodation is not all that you have to do, you need top book them well ahead of time so that you get the best deals. A lot of hotel/ resorts in Bhutan offers packages and plans that you can choose from. It is wise to choose one of these (A.P, M.A.P or C.P) plans so that you don’t have to worry about meals. All that said, the next thing that you must know are the ways you can book a hotel in Bhutan. Here we’ll discuss 5 ways by which you can book a hotel in Bhutan:

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Directly Call the Hotel and Make Bookings: If you wish to find a hotel/ resort yourself, you have to do a lot of research online and offline. You can search for “hotels in Bhutan” in Google and get a list of all the hotels located there. Now visit their websites and look for their contact details, preferably the hotel phone number. Once you have it directly, talk to them and book your rooms. Make sure you know about the facilities and amenities provided by the hotel.

Hotel in Bhutan

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Through Emails and Enquiry Forms: In case you are not able to get the phone numbers, there are other ways to get in touch with the hotel management. All the hotel websites have email ids included on the home page or the ‘Contact Us’ page. Send an email and wait for them reply back. You can also find ‘Enquiry Forms’ where you can fill in your name, phone numbers and query and submit the form. Once they receive it, they’ll get back to you.

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Book Online: Many websites like Tripadvisor, MakeMyTrip, etc have numerous hotels listed on them along with offers provided by the hotels. Here you can view photos, read user reviews and also check the facilities and amenities provided by the hotel. You can book online through these websites. At times it a good choice since you can get hold of good offers. You have to select the arrival and departure dates, the room types and plans (if any) and then make the payments online. That’s it and you’re done. You also have cancellation facilities, so it is safe option.


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Booking through Travel Agents: By far the best option, since you can fully focus on your tour without having to worry about anything else. All that you have to do is, get in touch with good travel agents, like Shah Tours, who operate in Bhutan and discuss your plans with them. Travel agents have collaborations with a number of hotels (of all class), so they can suggest the best accommodation according to your needs, requirements and most importantly, your budget. You can also like to book a complete package that includes accommodation, meals, sightseeing, etc with the travel agent.

Hotels in Bhutan

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So if you are looking to save time and hassles, hire a travel agent who can take charge of everything on behalf of you. If you believe in doing things yourself, you can also do the bookings yourself. So now that you all about booking a hotel in Bhutan, waste no more time and plan your next holiday!

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