4 Ways You Can Book a Hotel in Darjeeling

Darjeeling is a well known tourist location and it attracts thousands of tourists during the peak seasons. Darjeeling is home to many pagodas, monasteries and endless tea estates. With the increase in the footfall of tourists, many new hotels have also come up, which offer facilities to suit all kinds of travellers. Not only leisure travellers, Darjeeling also witnesses many business travellers who attend meetings and conferences in various hotels. This means it is very important that you make the hotel bookings well in advance.


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Now the next thing to consider is, what are the ways in which you can book a hotel in Darjeeling? Well there are a number of ways in which you can book a hotel, which we’ll discuss below. Before booking a hotel, make sure you do a lot of research and be sure about the room rates, facilities and amenities offered by the hotel. Once you’ve decided on everything, you can resort to any one of the below mentioned methods to book a hotel:


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  • Online Booking: Currently this is the most popular way of booking a hotel, obviously among those who are well aware of the internet. You can find a number of sites which list hotels, and booking deals. You can also compare hotels and decide which one suits you. Deals and offers are available which means you can take advantage of the low room rents. Once you’ve decided the hotel you want to stay, choose the room type and dates of arrival and departure. Next you have to make the payments and get the confirmation. The hotel is automatically informed about your booking so you need not worry.


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  • Call to Book a Hotel: For those who are not aware of the Internet or not comfortable, you can directly call a hotel and make your booking. Travel fairs are organized in all cities, so you can get brochures and travel package pamphlets which contain contact details of the hotels. You can also take help from a friend or family member to find the details of a hotel online. The advantage of calling is that you can have a direct conversation with the hotel management and negotiate the room rents. If you are lucky, you may also find an offer or deal that is not advertised on the online sites.


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  • Booking through Travel Agents: Travel agents run agencies that have collaboration with numerous hotels, car rentals, etc and also offer complete packages. The advantage of hiring a travel agent like Shah Tours is that you don’t have to worry about anything, the travel agents takes care of everything. At times, booking a complete package proves to be reasonable than spending on individual things.
  • Emails and Enquiry Forms: You can also send emails and fill up enquiry forms (found on hotel websites) to get in touch with the hotel management. Once they receive your query, they get back to you through emails or phone calls (if you’ve mentioned it in the mail).

So now that you are aware of all the ways in which you can book a hotel in Darjeeling, you will have no trouble planning your next vacation.