How to Avail Car Rentals in Dooars?

Brimming with unaltered natural beauty of the greater Himalayas and lush greenery and fragrance of acres of tea estates, Dooars is certainly a must visit place for all travel enthusiasts. There is a lot to explore here and there is no dearth of adventurous activities one can indulge in. No wonder, tourism is the backbone of the economy here.

For a convenient and enjoyable trip, you need to have a reliable Dooars car rental at your disposal. Due to the heavy inflow of tourists throughout the year, car rentals and taxi services are always available here.

Dooars car rental

In case you are travelling to Dooars it is advisable to get down at Jalpaiguri or Siliguri, as you can avail car rentals through one of the travel circuits from both these places. Dooars is divided into three main travel circuits based on the key attractions and spots and for the convenience of the visitors.

1. Central Dooars Travel Circuit

•	Central Dooars Travel Circuit

The central travel circuit of Dooars comprised of Jalpaiguri and Mal subdivisions and a tiny part of Kalimpong subdivision of Nepal. This travel circuit covers a host of key attractions and sights of Dooars including Lataguri, Jatieswar Temple, Rocky Island, Bhutan Ghat, Gorumera Park and a lot more. You need to decide on which points you want to cover, before hiring a car hire in dooars here in coordination with your travel agent. In order to opt a car rental through this circuit, you need to reach either Jalpaiguri Town or Jalpaiguri Road or New Mal.

2. Eastern Dooars Travel Circuit

•	Eastern Dooars Travel Circuit

This travel circuit covers the Alipurdoor Subdivision and the main tourist spots covered in this include Chilapata Forest, Jaladapara Wildlife Sanctuary, Madarihat, Buxa Fort and National Park, Daman Pur, Cooch Behar Palace and many more. In order to avail car rental service in Dooars via this circuit, you need to get down at Hashimara or Falakata or New Alipurduar. This circuit is further divided into four major travel sectors covering key attractions.

3. Western Dooars Travel Circuit

Western Dooars Travel Circuit

This circuit includes Siliguri Subdivision, a little portion of Kurseong Subdivision and a tiny portion of Jalpaiguri Subdivision. Major attractions in this circuit includes Bagdogra, Madhuban Park, Siliguri Naxal Bari and many more. If you go there by train you need to get stopover at Siliguri Junction or Jalpaiduri Junction to avail this circuit.

Since tourism is a main livelihood for the inhabitants in Dooars, there are many youngsters operating car rentals and are very professional. It is key to choose a car rental service, which is experienced in the area and has access to the various travel sectors here.

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