The Most Reputed Budget Hotels in Darjeeling For Your Stay

Darjeeling, being a top favourite hill station among tourists across world, has all types of accommodation ranging from five star to low budget hotels. If you are interested in staying in a budget hotel during your visit, it is best to do a survey by going through reviews and tariffs including taxes. Although some of these budget hotels in Darjeeling are low in maintenance and facilities, there are quite a few which offer you neat and tidy rooms at affordable rates. Besides it is key to ask for budget hotels in Darjeeling with tariff, to your travel agent as this may vary when you actually take possession of rooms.

Listed below are some of the best quality budget hotels in Darjeeling for you to choose from:

Budget Hotels in Darjeeling


Magnolia Residency Darjeeling

There is no dearth of budget hotels in Darjeeling even in the peak season here which ranges from middle of March to End May and again from end of September to Middle November. Even the low budget hotels almost double their rates during these times. The Dekeling Hotel, Magnolia Residency, Hotel Capital, Traveler’s Inn and Tibet Home are reputed budget hotels in Darjeeling which are conveniently located and offer great views. Usually these budget hotels in Darjeeling with tariff comes in a range of Rs 1,600 to Rs 2,200 per night stay. Fairmont and Hotel Broadway Annex are other two prominent budget hotels in Darjeeling with spectacular views.

Low Budget Hotels in Darjeeling

Highlander Inn

Highlander Inn in Darjeeling

There is a wide array of low budget hotels in Darjeeling with tariff, which are located in the key spots and offer amazing views of the mountains around. Highlander’s Inn is one of the popular low budget hotels in Darjeeling, which is recommended highly by regular customers. Alice Villa and Hotel Revolver are other two recommended low budget hotels in Darjeeling with tariff, which offer neat and well maintained rooms. Although the rooms in these hotels are small in size, they are hygienic with all basic comforts attached to them. Prices for low budget hotels in Darjeeling with tariff range from Rs. 1200 to Rs. 1,600 per day.

Alice-Villa in Darjeeling

Alice Villa in Darjeeling

The best run budget hotels in Darjeeling are run by its owners themselves and not by lease contractors. Before opting for any budget hotel, it is advisable to ask about the facilities provided there, such as room cleaning facilities, drinking water availability and hot/cold water for bathing. It’s advisable that you book your rooms only after you’re satisfied with the cleanliness and the basic necessities the hotel provides.

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