5 Amazing benefits of travelling through a Darjeeling travel agent

Developed by the British in the 19th Century, Darjeeling popularly known as the “Queen of Hills” is a hill station in the state of West Bengal, located at an average altitude of 2045 m in the lesser Himalayan range, provides the place for viewing one of the world’s greatest giant i.e. Kanchenjunga, which is the world’s third largest mountain range at an altitude of 8586 m. The scenic beauty and the pleasant climate attracts the tourists from all over the world , apart from tourism, Darjeeling is also famous for its tea plantation worldwide which is one of  the main source of economy for the city.


The district and its neighboring places such as Kalimpong, Kurseong, Mirik is considered as an education hub, many British styled schools  attracts students from the neighboring countries. Be it education or tourism, whenever a tourists plan their visit to Darjeeling, they do it through a travel agent for a hassle free trip.

Some of the amazing benefits of travelling through Darjeeling Travel Agents are:

darjeeling travel agents

1. Save Time:

Crawling through the Internet to find the best travel deals can sometimes make you feel happy but most of the time it makes you feel frustrated. The travel agents are involved in research, finding the best deals for the customers according to their budget. Travel agents in Darjeeling have an access to information which the normal consumers do not have, as they receive the claims, promotions and offers from various Hotels, resort, and travel service providers.

2. Travel Assistance:

 Though much of the Information regarding the travel plan, accommodation, and cost can be found on the Internet but it will never be able to provide as much Information as compared to the Travel agent who has knowledge about it. whenever you book a ticket through an online travel site, there is a problem of dissatisfaction most of the time since there is a lack of human Interaction i.e. personalized attention, therefore if any assistance is  required (for e.g. change the plan ) it becomes Impossible, hence getting hold of travel agent is helpful.

 3. Connections:

Most of the travel agents based in Darjeeling are well connected with the local tour guides who can reach out to you if any difficulty or problem arises thus enhancing the level of customer Service.

 4. Save Money:

Though the travel agents charge you a minimal fee for the work they do, they absolutely provide value for your money by finding the best deals, the routes, and the various packages. Imagine a scene where you have booked a ticket and a hotel room online for your vacation, on your way if you find the roads blocked what would you do..? The only option left would be to ask the local peoples and find your ways, these involves not only time and money but also harassment, therefore getting hold of a tour operator in Darjeeling becomes Important.

 5. Travel Pass and Company:

There are some spots in every destination where you are required to have a pass, getting a pass becomes difficult if you do not get hold of a person residing in that place, thus in this case also travel agents become necessary, not only this the guides from the agency also accompany you to some of the trips showing and guiding you through the facts and figures such as the Trekking through Singalila trek leading to Sandakphu.

Not only have these, the Darjeeling travel agents also helped in providing various tourism benefits in various sightseeing places of Darjeeling such as:

travel agents in darjeeling

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway:

Also known as the “Toy Train”, is one of the major attractions for the tourist and is declared as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.

Tiger Hill:

Located at 11 kms from Darjeeling, marks the highest point in the area providing the point for viewing the giant view of the mountain Kanchenjunga and the snow capped peaks of the Himalayan range.

Ghoom monastery:

Founded by the Mongolian astrologer in the year 1875, forms the major attraction in Darjeeling. One is greeted by the huge ‘Maitreya Buddha’ statue at the entrance gate.

Mahakal Temple: One of the most respected place in Darjeeling as many locals come here to worship Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwar, One of the unique thing everyone can find is a Hindu Priest chanting and a Buddhist monk simultaneously reading Buddhist Holy Scriptures.

Happy Valley Tea Garden:

This is a popular place among the travellers spread across a massive area of about 437 acres. It is the house to one of the largest tea factory in the world built in 1854.

Senchal Lake:

Located near tiger hill at an elevation of 8515 m, draws a lot of tourists due to its scenic charm.

Apart from this, some other famous places are Chowrasta, Rock Garden, and Nightingale Park/Srubbery Park etc.

Owing to these unique qualities, many tourists all over the world come for holiday vacation, experience the chilling climate and take an adventurous trekking and many more.

Looking at all of the above factors, a guide looking after all of these issues such as planning the vacation, handling the queries of the tourists, booking etc. becomes very important, though some of the people plan their travel to Darjeeling on their own or opt for any travel agents but most of them prefer giving the responsibility to a travel agent based in the place where they want to visit, hence giving the full responsibility to a Darjeeling travel agent is always favourable as they know the place better compared to others  and can guide you in the best way.

Some of the travel agents in Darjeeling are:

travel agent in darjeeling

1. Shah Tours:

They are a team of qualified professionals based in Siliguri and Darjeeling who understands the need of every traveller and provide a wide range of services such as air/train booking, car rental services, hotel bookings, honeymoon packages and many more mostly specializing in Darjeeling, Bhutan and Sikkim.


Shah Tours

B56 Satellite Township, Dabgram

Siliguri – West Bengal.

Mobile: + (91) 9800060007/ + (91) 0353 2568080.

 2. Samsara Tour, Travel & Trek:

It is a Government recognized tour agency based in Darjeeling. It provides wide range of tour and travel Packages for different locations such as Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim, Tibet etc. They believe on providing Quality Service and travel assistance to every traveller at a reasonable price.


Samsara Tour, Travel & Trek

7 Ladenla Road,

Darjeeling-West Bengal

Mobile: + (91) 9733443812/ + (91) 0354 2252874.

 3. Ashmita Trek & Tours:

A well experienced and a professional team involved in providing trek and tour services in Darjeeling. Other Services include day hiking, Darjeeling local sightseeing, package tours, monastery tours, paragliding and many more.


Ashmita Trek & Tours

148, Dr. Zakir Hussain Road near SP Bungalow,


Contact: +91- 9733106312 /+ (91) 0354 2256050.

 4. Himani Himalaya Treks and Tours:

Started in 2010, Himani Himalaya is a concept oriented travel venture which provides various holiday services across the Himalayas according to the requirement.

Some of their services include Hiking tours, Cultural tours, Festival  tours, Student excursions and many more.


Himani Himalaya Treks and Tours

Turzum Road line,

Pokhriabong G.P

Sukhiapokhari Block

Darjeeling – 734216.

Contact: (+ 91) 8670412986)

5. Ankita Tours and Travels:

It is one of oldest tour operators based in Darjeeling and have recently started services in Siliguri. They deal with many services including numerous tailor made packages to suit every guests in various destinations such as Darjeeling, Sikkim, Bhutan, Nepal and many regions in North Eastern India, Apart from this they are also involved in various  car rental and transport services


Ankita Tours and Travels

Rangbull, Hill Cart Road,

Darjeeling – West Bengal

Contact – + (91) 99335 46090 / + (91) 8016659510 

6. Kasturi Tour and Travel

It is involved in providing various packages to the tourists, which includes exploring the breath-taking scenic beauty of the Himalayan Range and the unique culture of the Eastern Himalayas. It provides services across Darjeeling, Sikkim, Bhutan and various regions of North Eastern India.


Kasturi Tour and Travel

51 A Cart Road, Rose Bank

Darjeeling -734101

Phone – 0354 2252806

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