10 exciting things to do while travelling in Darjeeling

It’s a small town in the region of North Bengal in West Bengal. Darjeeling is a complete tour exploration place where you could enjoy the extreme cold climate all over the year and with the mouth-watering dishes. This is a place for the people who want to spend their holidays in a hill station than Darjeeling is one of the great choices. Darjeeling tea is well known throughout the world and its bit expensive. \

provided by the travel agents in Darjeeling include the sightseeing of the places for which the place is so attracted and extraordinary. The places are quiet far and near from the town, some of the places near to the town can be visited by walking but the places far from the town can’t be visited by walking so you need to hire vehicle. Darjeeling travel agents provides Darjeeling car rental services for the people’s benefit. Local agents are also in this business with their private vehicle.

Now moving towards the activity you should do while travelling through Darjeeling or in Darjeeling for that the best things you need to do when you are going to spend your holidays of at least 3-4 days in Darjeeling.

 10 Amazing things must should be done while travelling to Darjeeling

 1. Must visit the Rohini Temple on your way to Darjeeling 

rohini temple

First of all you need to do is that while you are in journey towards Darjeeling via Rohini then you must visit the Rohini temple which just comes after you cross Rohini Toll Tax Plaza. After crossing the Life line of North Bengal, Siliguri and then Sukna, Rohini comes in between Siliguri and Kurseong. After crossing Kurseong is Darjeeling.

 2. Batasia Loop is always a must visit option when you are in Darjeeling

batasia loop

Batasia Loop can be said as an entrance to Darjeeling beside the national highway 55. You can see the Toy Train Whistle Horn and moves extremely to the end of the park and then finally enters Ghum railway station. Large size Binoculars are kept at the top of the park through which you can see the peak of M.T KANCHENGUNJA. A small market opens just beside the park where you can find Handlooms Items.

 3. To visit the sunrise over Kanchenjunga you must have to reach Tiger Hill

tiger hill

To visit the sunrise over Kanchenjunga, you need to get up early (3am) in the morning and hire your vehicle and you have to reach Tiger Hill before 5 am. It’s depending on the weather condition. Luckily many of the people have seen MT. EVEREST on a clear day from Tiger Hill. Tiger Hill can be said as the oldest sightseeing for the tourist.

 4. Don’t miss the most enjoyable ride of Toy Train in Darjeeling

toy train darjeeling

The Himalayan Railway, “Toy Train” is world known heritage. Don’t forget to have a joyful ride through the forest and the hills. “Ghum” the highest Hill railway station in the world located in Darjeeling from where you can avail the joyful ride of toy train. Book your tourist ticket before. You can also have a local ride from Ghum to Kurseong.

 5. Special Dishes & Food options you must can try

momo of darjeeling

Momo’s, Sel Roti and Churpi are the world wide known dishes found in Darjeeling. If you don’t try this out then it’s useless coming to Darjeeling. Momo’s you can find in different flavors like Pork Momo, Beef Momo, Chicken/Mutton Momo and also Veg Momo. This variety stuff can be found in different shops regarding the religious believes. Sel Roti made like an ‘JILABI’ consisting Grained Rice, Atta, Maida and many more stuff. Churpi made of milk. You can get this in two form, one is in solid form which you eat it raw and the other form is like “Panner” which you have to cook with vegetables or just have a fry.

 6. Ropeway: Cross one mountain to other just within a minute


Also have a ride on Cable car/ Ropeway. Tickets are available all over the time in the tickets counter. No booking required. Cross one mountain to other in just a minute.

 7. TRSHC: Try to visit the Tibetan Refugee Self Help Center

TRSHC darjeeling

Try to visit the Tibetan Refugee Self Help Center, the Tibetan people saved their own lives and came to India when china forcefully captured Tibet. The Indian Government is there with his helpful hands to them for better staying and saving their existences. The people are looked and cared by the Indians living in Darjeeling.

 8. Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological: A zoo which is famous for Red Panda, Himalayan Wolf and Snow Leopard

Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park

The Zoo is famous for Red Panda, Himalayan Wolf and Snow Leopard which are not quite found in other places in India. The Zoo is named after the Daughter of Sarojini Naidu, Padmaja Naidu. The Zoo basically have endangered species and which are safe in this Zoo as because of the high altitude and the Himalayan Flora and Fauna keep them safe.

9. Happy Valley Tea Garden: Must visit the glorious Tea garden cultivated on the slope land

happy valley tea garden

View the glorious Tea garden cultivated on the slope land that too with various design and have a snap. The workers working in the tea garden works with discipline and the saddest news is that on Monday the Valley is closed for the tourist. If you are lucky on a time period you can see the workers picking the leaves from the tea plant. The scenario of the tea garden is delightful and charming. If you want to see the actual tea manufacturing process than you should definitely visit Happy Valley Tea Garden.

 10. Don’t forget to have a enjoyable horse ride in Chowrasta


If you need to enjoy having a Horse ride then forget to visit other places but not Chowrasta. Some people like and they want to wear the traditional dress of Nepal. Just simply move in front of the road and then you can find shops where the shop owners will call you to wear the traditional dress of Nepal and then you can have a snap. The evening time is best to visit the place and have fun with local drinks and dishes which you can never forget after having them.

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