Reformation against destruction: places to explore in nepal after devastating earthquake

In this vast universe, Nepal is the excellent and perfect abode to the unsurpassed climbing, mountaineering and trekking. Due to the immense earthquake, an avalanche on Everest it endured previous year, presently it has become a subject to obstruction by its neighbor India.

Nepal truly provides adventure to those people, who explore into this small country seeking adventure. Eight of the ten world’s highest peak abides within its periphery. Even the hundreds of smaller mountains lend over remarkable ambience for trekkers and honorable aspiration for climbers.

Pokhara is the serene lakeside city which rests in the shadow of Annapurna, it is situated at Nepal’s capital city Kathmandu in western region at a distance of 200 km. Nepal is prosperous in its own dynamic culture, even though it is sandwiched between India and China. In every mountain is decorated with prayer flags and pagodas, on contrary, monks dwell in monasteries paying devotion to Buddha, who was born in Lumbini. Innumerable number of visitor pour into the country from in and around the world due to the number of festivals is celebrated throughout the year. Hence, Nepal indeed upholds an ethnic diversity.

Nepal similar to post Nepal: Nepalese people, being cheerful and free in spirit, they have not wasted time, hence they have successfully re-constructed, repaired roads, trails and tea-houses in order to accomplish their devastated economy and in aiming to welcome back adventures.

Annapurna: The Annapurna region is notorious by three main trekking regions: the Annapurna circuit, Annapurna Base and Poon Hill. Most of the trekkers are attracted by this mesmerizing province, the numbers increased 100,00 per year as in comparison to pre-earthquake. The excellent news is that Annapurna did not agonize much destruction from the quake, due to which it welcomed trekkers just few months after the devastation

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Khumbu: The presence of Mount Everest is the main cause for the featuring of the second most notorious trekking region. Most importantly, maximum people explore the region to behold the Everest Base Camp(EBC) but its worth mentioning that trek to Gokyo is even more fascinating.

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Langthung: The third most famous trekking places in Nepal is Langthung. It remains on the right side on the Tibetan border, exactly at the northern direction of Kathmandu. The region is well influenced by the Tibetan culture due to its location. The trek is alluring, which leads the trekkers and hikers along a turquoise river that flows through grass of green woods of alpine meadows and before reching the village of Langtung and Kyanjin Gompa.Unfortunately, this region was destructed by April’s earthquake. Langtang Village was completely obliterated by a landslide; most of its dwellers were killed. Kyanjin Gompa survived, but not without immense damage.

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Kathmandu: Kathmandu appears to be progressing and performing normally, even though it is hit pretty hard by the earthquake. Thamel is the province which was not affected much, and it is considered the safest place for the travelers. Several world heritage sites like Bhaktapur were damaged, but have reopened thanks to diligent repairs.

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Crisis, Solution and Conclusion: Though the fuel crisis is effecting the dwellers without any doubt, but its impact on tourists are rare, even the fare has been twice as mush as before, the taxis are still available between the airport and Kathmandu’s trekker district of Thamel.

Getting in and getting out of the country is possible because International flights are refueling in nearby Doha, Qatar or Dhaka, Bangladesh. The local flights are still available between Kathmandu and Lukla to enter Everest region. Tourists buses and jeeps are still rustling as before.

Foods are still still available in the restaurants even though there is shortage of certain ingredients, thus, the city are using pared down menus.

The striking difference you can find in Kathmandu is non existent of car and motor-cycle traffic, less-crowd and less polluted streets. Supply of fuel has been ensured by its neighbouring country China, hence there is a prospect of every thing to run in more normal again for Nepal.


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