7 of Popular Sightseeing Places in Darjeeling

Darjeeling city –a beautiful hill station town of West Bengal and a part of Mahabharat Range of Himalayan Mountains, is considered to be the ‘queen of hills’. Along with the scenic beauty, the legends about the name tempt the people to visit throughout the globe. One legend tells that the name came from ‘Durjaya Linga’ which refers the almighty Lord Shiva. Another says the name is a combination of Lord Indra’s scpetre ‘dorjee’ and the meaning of land in local language ‘ling’. No doubt, these tales are like cherry on the top in the cake of sightseeing places to drag tourists and travelers towards Darjeeling. Let’s have a look to some of the places that you should never miss to visit.

1. Senchal Lake

Senchal Lake is around 10 km away from the main town and is a prime water body of Darjeeling. The people like the area around the lake for its vast, pollution-free environment and they enjoy having a picnic here. The Tiger Hill is quite closer to this place. The hotels and restaurants around the lake provide comfortable accommodation and good food, making this place perfect for spending days in relaxation image credit: m.mobsea.org


2. Tiger Hill

If you are visiting Darjeeling and miss this view point hill, you will regret about it later. Besides its own attractiveness, Tiger Hill offers a wide and vivid view of Mt Kanchenjunga with its jaw dropping view in the time of sunrise. The orange color of the sun, rising from behind the high mountain peaks, reflects on Kanchenjunga and leaves you awestruck. Along with it, you can watch Mt. Makalu too and Mt. Everest peeping through the mountains ranges.image credit: travelphotosforyou.com


3. Mahakal Temple

The Mahakal Temple is frequently visited by the pilgrims and other kind of tourists too. It is one of the 12 Jyotirlings in India and believed to be born of itself. The stone which is an effigy of Lord Shiva, is worshipped by thousands of people every year. The temple is built in the area now called the Observatory Hills. The scenic view of surrounding place seen from is unexplainable. The humming sound of ‘mantra’ and the smell of ‘agarbatti’ freshen up the mind and drive all the negative thinking away. image credit: searchaboutindia.com


4. Rock Garden

You might find it confusing as there are two rock gardens in Darjeeling. Sir John Anderson Rock Garden in the Botanical Garden at Lebong Cart Road, is less famous. People usually go to visit the Rock Garden which is located in Chunnu Summer Falls. The garden is not full of rocks as the name might literally mean. Actually the hill stream comes down through rock slopes and people favors the surrounding area as a picnic spot. You can see a large variety of flora that blossoms nearby. image credit: updateox.com


5. Himalayan Mountaineering Institute

Built in the Jawarhar Parvat area, Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, has taken a prime step to arise respect in people about mountaineering as an outdoor sport. There is a museum inside the institute that was preservation of the memorable photos of brave mountaineers who climbed or scaled Mt Everest. Their mountaineering and scaling accessories are also kept there. The first director here in the field training was Tenzing Norgay.image credit: makemytrip.comHimalayan-Mountaineering-Institute-Darjeeling-shankar-s-flickr


6. Ghum Monastery

The monastery in Ghum is regarded as a spiritual and sacred place to not only the local people but the people from neighboring areas visit the place too. The monastery is at almost 8 km distance from main town. You can experience the 15 ft high statue of Lord Buddha that creates a divine feeling deep in your heart along with the hymn of Buddhist monks and the natural serenity of that place. image credit: tourismguideindia.com

Ghum(Ghoom) Monastery

7. Joy-ride around Batasia Loop

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway introduces you to a wonderful experience of riding in a toy-train. It is generally called as ‘joy-ride’. This service is available from NJP Railway Station to Ghum Railway Station, the station in highest altitude in the world. About 5km away from Darjeeling town below Ghum the track takes a spiral shape and passes through tunnel over the hilltop. This place is known as the Batasia Loop. The passing through Batasia Loop makes the riding more enjoyable. image credit:shaadimagic.com






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