8 Romantic Locations in Darjeeling for Honeymoon Couples

The magical land of Darjeeling, the Himalayan heaven, is one of the most visited tourist spots in India. Alongside the beautiful scenarios of magnificent nature, Darjeeling city tour and around is famous worldwide for its excellent flavor in tea. Most of the farming areas of Darjeeling are tea-plantations. People from all over the globe rush to this place to watch miles after miles land layered with small tea plants, to visit the institutes and buildings of historical, architectural and religious importance, experience the jaw-dropping sunrise from Tiger Hill, witness the majestic view of Mt. Kanchenjunga and other mountain peaks, enjoy the Himalayan flora and fauna in the national parks and forests, meet heart touching people, get mixed in their colorful culture, taste the awesome delicacies and shop local items like khukris, turquoise, artifacts, metal works, masks, paintings etc.
All the reasons mentioned above create a romantic getaway for newly wedded couples in the pristine vicinity of Darjeeling. Numerous couples in India and outside of the country like hill stations to travel together after their marriage before starting their new life. And we all know that Darjeeling, being the ‘queen of hills’ in India, is a perfect honeymoon destination. So pack your bags, choose a Darjeeling honeymoon package from a reputed Darjeeling travel agent to plan a Darjeeling holiday trip to this heavenly land and reveal the unknown pleasure and thrill of honeymoon trip. Do not forget to add these tourist places in Darjeeling to your schedule, as these are some of the most exotic locations there.

1. Tiger Hills and Ghoom Monastery


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When the rising sun comes out from behind the long stretched hills and showers its color on the snow-white Kanchenjunga, you will just wish to hold the hand of your dear ones, standing spellbound on the Tiger Hill. This hill is very closer to Ghoom Monastery. Among all the Darjeeling tourist spots, people wait madly for this moment to experience.

2. Batasia Loop and War Memorial in Toy-Train


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A ‘joy-ride’ in the toy-train of Darjeeling is certainly something of too much fun. And when it passes through a tunnel and the spiral track, named Batasia Loop, around the War Memorial, it makes your trip to Darjeeling worthy. The scenario of the surrounding mountains, jungles and the garden around the memorial bring a feeling of freshness.

3. Senchal Lake


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This is one of the most alluring water bodies of Darjeeling. Senchal Lake and its surrounding area is a favorite picnic spot for tourists. You have to walk almost 10 km from town to reach there. There is a club house and 9 golf-courses nearby the lake. Darjeeling tour will be unfulfilled if you avoid this site to visit.

4. Chunnu Summer Falls and Rock Garden


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There is a nice summer falls approximately 10 km away from Darjeeling town, known as Chunnu Summer Falls. Water of that falls flows down through rocky slopes and the garden around the falls is thus called Rock Garden, which is very beautiful and a perfect place to spend some time with your spouse.

5. Happy Valley Tea-Garden


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This tea-garden covers a wide area of 437 acres of Darjeeling. It is a mind-blowing experience to put your hand in the hand of your partner and walk in the paths of the garden within such greenery. You can also go for watching the process to obtain tea from the leaves, or the local women plucking tea leaves from the plants etc.

6. Singalila National Park


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Elevated at 7000 ft above sea level, Singalila National Park is visited mostly by the trekkers for a thrilling trek route towards Sandakphu, which passes through the park. Besides having a exciting adventure with your life-partner, you can see wide range of Himalayan mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and flora.

7. Himalayan Mountaineering Institute and Everest Museum


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If you are near Jawahar Parvat area while you are in a tour of Darjeeling, must not forget to visit the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute that is a pioneer in establishing mountaineering as an esteemed outdoor activity. Several photos and equipments of all the brave mountaineers, who climbed or scaled Mt. Everest, are preserved carefully in the Everest Museum inside the institute.

8. Observatory Hills

Darjeeling-Observatory Hill-5

image credit: hoparoundindia.com

On your trip to Darjeeling, you should never miss to visit this place. This hill provides a clear and wide view of the valleys, rivers and jungle of Darjeeling along with the colossal mountains. You might want to worship the gods together in Mahakal Temple and Bhutiya Busty Monastery in this hill, to bless your lives for a happy and prosperous life ahead. There some gompas scattered in the Observatory Hill.



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