Travelling from Gangtok to Bhutan by Road

Bhutan –a place of serenity and peace in the lap of the divinity of Himalayas is a major attraction to all type of tourists, specially the religious people, mountain-lovers and adventure seekers. This pristine land is surrounded by higher mountain peaks and the tourist places in Bhutan are mostly situated in the cliff or such exotic sites. And Gangtok is the capital city of Indian state Sikkim, which is just beside this landlocked country South Asia. Undoubtedly, the magnificent beauty of Himalayan peaks seen from this town haunts a large number of tourists throughout the year.

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Some people plan a schedule to tour all the significant places in the region of Bhutan and Sikkim, including Darjeeling sometimes. You must have complete idea about how to reach Bhutan from Sikkim if you have such kind of thought in your mind. Gangtok to Bhutan distance is 567 km and it will take almost 16 hours to reach there on National Highway 31. If you start from Gangtok by road, you have to travel south and then south-east through Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Nagrakata and enter Phuntsholling of Bhutan through Jaigaon. Phuntsholing, Gelephu and Samdrup Jangkhar are three only road crossing to Bhutan in the southern border of India. Check the screenshot of Google map below for a detailed idea of the route.




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You can directly reach there without any sightseeing on the way if you are on a short trip. But if you have time and planning a long trip in the serene land of Himalaya and its foothill areas, we strongly recommend you to halt in some interesting sites of North-east India for exciting experience.



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There are many tour operators in North-east India who can arrange a tour to Bhutan from Gangtok. They hire either bus or car to take a group of tourists towards Bhutan. Or you can join a group for shared taxi. Lots of well-planned Bhutan tour packages are provided by these operators. Usually people go for trips organised by travel agents of Bhutan. Because Bhutan Govt doesn’t allow backpacker style travellers and they are very strict about it as it maintains their cultural and ecological value. Even joining a pre-arranged trip to Bhutan, you have to show them the full itinerary of your tour plan. Otherwise if you want to make a trip with your family and friends, your entry to Bhutan will be allowed only after completing all the procedures.


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Needless to say, the road condition from Gangtok to Bhutan might not be enjoyable for some people, though the sightseeing on the way can get the troubles forgotten. As the roads are cut through the hills, several points of the way are curvy and very risky to drive. The ascending and descending road through hills and jungles is both beautiful and troublesome. Especially, the people who have altitude sickness or motion sickness should have precautionary before stepping up for starting the journey to Bhutan from Gangtok by road.



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You can find lots of restaurants, dhabas (roadside restaurant), motels or hotels on the way to Bhutan from Sikkim, where you can halt for a short or long period. So you don’t need to carry heavy meal or concern about accommodation. Why not stop by a nice dhaba and taste the different food in local style? There are some of them which offer cuisine of excellent taste, indeed.



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