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Siliguri is one of the prettiest spots to visit in West Bengal. You can visit the Kanchenjunga statdium and the Hong Kong market while you are here. The Jaldapara natural life sanctaury is adjacent and worth a visit on the off chance that you are an untamed life fan. The Kali Mandir gave to Goddess Kali is a sanctuary went to by sightseers and local people lasting through the year. You can likewise look at the Coronation span for its eminent British engineering. Take in more about the spots to visit in SIliguri.

Coronation Bridge

Coronation Bridge

A standout amongst the most essential extensions of all the others, Coronation scaffold is a sublime British engineering named after the crowning ritual of King George V. The Coronation extension is otherwise called Sevoke span. This scaffold joins Siliguri with rest of the north eastern region. The rich timberland and the Teesta waterway streaming underneath the scaffold gives explorers a wonderful perspective of this extension.

Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary


Arranged at the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas, the Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary was built up in 1941 to secure the Indian one-horned rhinoceros. It was pronounced a National park in May 2012. Aside from the one-horned rhinoceros, different attractions of the recreation center incorporate panthers, elephants, sambhars, yapping deers and a few flying creatures like Bengal florican, peaked hawk, Pallah’s fish falcon, Finn’s weaver and numerous others.

Opening hours of Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary:Open now

Open all days 09:00 am to 03:00 pm

Passage charge for Visiting Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary:

The passage charges for Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary is said underneath. We have recorded the passage expenses for Indians, the section expenses for nonnatives, camera charges and different charges if relevant.

Residential Adult: 100

Nonnative: 150

Still Camera Fee: 50

Guide charge Rs. 1600 for every 6 individuals

Address: Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary, Siliguri 734401Telephone: 0353-2511974

Kali Mandir

sevoke kali bari siliguri

Situated close to the Sevoke span, the Kali mandir is a Hindu sanctuary situating the sanctum of Goddess Kali. The sanctuary is swarmed with the lovers amid the celebrations of Durga puja and Navratri.

Generally individuals from all through the nation and the world typically end in Siliguri while going for a visit to northeaster India or neighboring nations of Bhutan and Nepal. A substantial piece of voyagers have slightest thought regarding how great traveler areas close Siliguri are there which can absolutely take your breath away out. Indeed, even some spots inside the town are really worth going to. These spots will make you to visit Siliguri all in all touring area, not just a halting by spot amid a visit to some place.

In the event that you are getting confounded which traveler spots to visit in Siliguri, you may think that its accommodating. In addition, there are entire group of Siliguri visit administrators which offer great tailor made bundle visit for in and around go of Siliguri. Not just that, you can pick area of your decision and make an arrangement with them for your own particular Siliguri visit bundle. Presently we should observe which spots are perfect to encounter close-by Siliguri.

Hongkong Market

hong market siliguri


Situated in the heart of the city between Sevoke Road and Bidhan Road, Hongkong Market is a spot where individuals go for shopping as well as to watch the assortment of different things. You will get anything there and by anything, I mean anything. The enormous and modest slows down contain shoes, electrical, gadgets, undergarments, dress, adornments, vessels and so forth!

Lataguri Forest, Jalpaiguri

lataguri siliguri


Around 62 km far off from Siliguri, you are going to watch a delightful piece of Dooars wildernesses in Lataguri. Its area goes under Jalpaiguri locale as a piece of Gorumara National Park. The assorted qualities of greenery here is so astonishing and the magnificence of the profound wilderness is mesmerizing to the point that you have a craving for being in a fairyland.

Downtown area, Matigara
Uttarayon Township in Matigara
A drive of around 2 km will take you to the City Center of Uttarayon Township in Matigara. What’s more, that is a general store from each angle. What would you like to have some season of fun? You need to walk around, check the most recent things in Spencer’s, Shoppers Stops, Big Bazar, play some energizing recreations in amusement parlors, watch a 3d motion picture in INOX, have some bit of delights in KFC, Dominos –whatever your desire is for the weekend, City Center has it in that spot for you.

Science City, Matigara
Science City, Matigara
Science city, in almost no time’s separation from City Center, is an instructive park. From 8 to 80 –people of any age can visit this spot. A few exercises, devices, types of gear and so forth make an environment of amusing to take in the regular life’s science. The satisfaction here makes this spot as one of the best tourist areas of Siliguri.

Savin Kingdom, Dagapur
Savin Kingdom, Dagapur
savin kingdom siliguri

The separation to Savin Kingdom from Siliguri town is only 4 km and you are going to enter a spot known for its fun exercises. It is situated in the Darjeeling More zone and is the best fun destination in Siliguri. Both the children and the youngsters appreciate distinctive exercises in the recreation center range, as go kart, carousel, break move, knocking auto and so on. The most renowned diversion is the water park. There are likewise silver screen, eatery and bar found in the Savin Plaza zone.

 Iskcon Mandir Siliguri
 Iskcon Mandir Siliguri

Barely 4 km far from Siliguri city, close to Iskcon Road, the sanctuary is a wonderful bit of design and unnecessary to specify, a noteworthy focal point of religious practices. This is a standout amongst the most gone to sanctuaries in Siliguri. Not just that, the encompassing is pleasing to the point that a touch of tranquility spreads in your heart and stable of brain.

Bengal Safari, Salugara

Bengal Safari, Salugara


The tourism division of North Bengal stepped in building up a home-like park for the wild creatures in the woods of Dooars and giving great opportunity to visitors to experience untamed life close. The Bengal Safari is fundamentally a part of the Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary in Salugara which is developing as a key fascination among sightseeing in Siliguri.



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