These 10 Places to Visit in Mirik Are Worth Your Weekend Trip

Mirik is a small town in Darjeeling district, mostly famous for its climate, lake, orange orchards, tea gardens and natural beauty of the surrounding locations. This town is very easily accessible from Siliguri, Kurseong, Darjeeling and Kalimpong. While it takes hardly 1:30 hours to reach there from the earlier two places, driving from Darjeeling would take around 2:30 hours and around 3:30 hours from Kalimpong to reach Mirik.

Many people from the nearby locations visit Mirik frequently, especially on a weekend trip. And tourists coming from outside this region usually book a tour packages from trusted Darjeeling-Sikkim travel agents to have a thorough visit in this town. Such types of package tours by tour operators in Siliguri take you to these wonderful tourist spots in Mirik mentioned below.


1. Sumendu Lake


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Mirik Lake or Sumendu Lake is an artificial lake, situated at an altitude of 1494 meters. Horse-riding and boating is arranged in this area for the tourists for enjoyment. Good food and comfortable shelter are provided to the people who come to enjoy the serene beauty of Darjeeling. There is an 80-ft (24-m) long footbridge, named as Indreni Pull, over the lake.


2. Bokar Ngedon Chokhor Ling Monastery


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Generally known as a Buddhist meditation centre, Bokar Monastery follows both the schedules of practice and study regarding Tibetan tradition, language, grammar, handwriting, mudras or hand gestures, mantras, dances etc. Established on 1984 by lama Kyabje Bokar Rinpoche, this monastery falls on the way to Rameetay Dara.


3. Pashupati Nagar Border Market

This market is one of the important places to see in Mirik. It is situated on the way to Mirik Lake at the border with Nepal and serves as a prime centre for trading in clothes, electronics and household goods etc. Cheap rated cosmetics and clothes are imported here from Thailand.


4. Rameetay Dara


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It is an excellent view point, closer to the town. The surrounding mountains and valleys look amazing from here. The magnificent sight of sunrise and sunset from here is unforgettable. Tourists mostly gather here for the panoramic view around and to have a day’s outing or picnic.


5. Deosi Dara


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Located around 1768 meters above sea level, Deosi Dara is a hilltop which provides an extraordinary panoramic view of the hills, jungle, mountains and valleys around. People also love this place as a suitable spot for picnic or hangout. It’s better to get here at the dawn to witness the sight of sunrise.


6. Devi Sthan


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This sacred temple is located at a hillock near the Sumendu Lake. Situated amidst the dense and green Dhukpi forest, Devi Sthan is dedicated to goddess Singha Devi and a prime location for sightseeing in Mirik. Along with religious importance, the scenic beauty of this place attracts lots of travellers, specially the photographers.


7. Rai Dhap


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Rai Dhap is a very charming place in Mirik valley. Nearby residents and all the tourists, who come to spend some days of solace in Mirik, visit this place for a hangout with family or friends and relax in the lap of nature. This spot also has significance as a major water source of Mirik.


8. Simana View Point


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This view point actually falls on the way of Mirik from Darjeeling town. A nice stop-by site for tea and snacks, Simana provides an excellent view of Maneybhanjan, Sandakphu trail and the valley down below covered in green forests. The road alongside Simana is at the border of India and Nepal.


9. Don Bosco Church


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An eye-catching edifice, this gorgeous church in Mirik is a Roman catholic church. Standing beside the Don Bosco School, the church is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Mirik because of its architecture. The decorative shrine drags both the devotees and tourists to the church, which can be seen from anywhere of the town because of its structural design.


10. Tingling View Point


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Would you like to watch the wide laid tea gardens of Mirik standing at one place? Tingling View Point is just the place you are looking for. A mind-blowing greenery of the surrounding tea cultivations fields, the lake and village Soureni is seen from here. Mirik sightseeing tour is incomplete without visiting this place.



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