Plan for a Memorable Holiday of Durga Puja in Darjeeling Hills

durga puja in darjeeling

India is a country that observes all the festivals together, transcending all the boundaries of community, race, class, culture, creed etc. Among all such festivals, celebrated throughout the country, one of the very enjoyable one is Durga Puja. Basically Durga Puja is acclaimed as a Bengali celebration, called ‘Sharodotsav’, which is praised excellently throughout the previous four days before and including Dushera. Although the other regions of the nation also worship the goddess with similar devotion, the rituals and celebrations in West Bengal is worth visiting here during Durga Puja.

Darjeeling is a town of West Bengal and hence it also observes the Durga Puja along with the surrounding locations and the ‘puja’ locations get crowded by many locals and tourists. But the town celebrates the ‘puja’ without any thematic pandals and grand arrangements like the other parts of West Bengal do, although there are some clubs in and around Darjeeling which have been arranging Durga Puja for a very long time, with the same tradition and faith.

One of the oldest Durga Puja celebrations in Darjeeling is done by Nripendra Narayan Bengali Hindu Hall. Around 100 year ago, an idol of the goddess was carried from Krishnanagar up to the mountainous Darjeeling on toy-train, attached with two steam engines, to be worshipped in this hall. It was the year of 1915 when this association first organised Durga Puja. Till date, they are arranging the festival without much pompous programmes.

If you are thinking of experiencing the Durga Puja this year in such calm and pleasant ambience, you should better contact a good Darjeeling travel agent, who can give you a smooth travel experience with their Durga Puja special tour packages for darjeeling. As the hills are pretty much crowded during this holiday, so accommodation and transport options might not be easily available without their help. Besides, the sightseeing locations are visited by many tourists and only a wise Darjeeling tour operator can help you bring home the best Darjeeling trip on Durga Puja.



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