Experience a Blissful Tropical Holiday in Kurseong


Imagine a hill station in lesser altitude of Eastern Himalayas with tropical green forest and widespread green tea-cultivations and different coloured flowers spread here and there –doesn’t that feel amazing! How about spending a holiday in such mind blowing ambience? Surely you are going to love it. Don’t know about such kind of place? Have you ever heard about a beautiful town named Kurseong? Yes, that’s the exact place to enjoy such beautiful trips.

The mesmerising tourist town of Kurseong is located at a lower elevation of Darjeeling hills. Also, its location is not very far from the equator. That is why it sees a tropical and sub-tropical climate throughout the year. Besides, as it is situated at lower altitude of 1475 meters, the weather of Kurseong remains mild, healthy and enjoyable throughout the year. Travellers from all around the world come to explore the divine natural and peaceful beauty in the ambience of this town.

Do you know why Kurseong is called the ‘land of white orchid’? Or where did the name of the town came from? Well, it is interesting that Kurseong’s climate works indirectly behind its naming. Actually, majority of orchid species are best grown in tropical and sub-tropical environment. Numerous gardens can be seen in Kurseong harvesting different types of orchids, especially the pleasant white ones. Hence it is believed that the name derived from the same word, which in Lepcha language means ‘small orchid’.

The lower altitude and tropical climate of Kurseong keep the weather temperate all the time of a year, thus making it comfortable and accessible for tourists. Kurseong weather receives the temperature of lowest average 10° C in December-January and highest average 20° C-25° C during August. January being the coolest month receives lowest temperature of 5° C. Due to the presence of Monsoon, the town receives 896 mm rainfall per year and July is usually avoided for Kurseong tours due to heaviest rain of a year. Except for that, anytime of a year is enjoyable here, but the best times to visit Kurseong is March to June (late Winter and Summer) and September to December (Autumn).

A holiday trip in Kurseong can bless you with numerous moments full of joyous experience and opportunity of exploring lot of tourist destinations. Not only orchid and tea plantations, the other tourist spots of Kurseong are also visited frequently by the tourists, especially the people who are in a family trip, weekend trip or honeymoon tour, although trekkers also like this place for easier level trekking excursions. Places like Eagle Craig Viewpoint, Dow Hill, Giddapahar Viewpoint, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Museum, Ambootia Tea Estate and Shiva Temple, Makaibari Tea Estate, Railway Museum etc. are perfect destinations to enjoy your holidays here. So take a planner and start making a schedule for Kurseong trip on next holiday.

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