Travel Routes from Sikkim to Bhutan

The Indian state of Sikkim and neighbouring country Bhutan are two beautiful pieces of land and explored by numerous people worldwide each year. Many of the visitors come with much time to tour or from different countries, and they love to experience the entire Eastern Himalaya as a whole. Travelling from Sikkim to Bhutan is the option you are definitely going to choose if you are one of such travellers, and you love travelling through the hills, witnessing the varied landscapes and mountains.

Although Sikkim shares a border with Bhutan, no direct way of transport is there between these two places. If you are starting from Sikkim, you have to drive all the way to south to reach Darjeeling for a flight, or keep driving to arrive at Phuentsholing via Jaigaon to cross Indo-Bhutan border. But remember, while crossing the border, you should have proper documents for travel permits for entry and tour in Bhutan. On an airway journey to Bhutan from Sikkim, the estimated time it takes is around 5 hours 50 minutes, and by road it takes around 17 hours to reach.

Hire a Car

While you are about to make a journey by road, it will be best to hire a tourist car as there is no other direct transport from Sikkim to Bhutan. Most of the tourists prefer travelling on a car to Bhutan from any motorable point of Sikkim, because this trip passes through some extraordinary sightseeing locations in the Himalayan hills and foothills region. After starting to drive downwards, you get to meet places like Singtam, Rangpo etc, followed by entering West Bengal through Melli. Afterwards, Kalimpong gladly welcomes you with its serene and calm environment. Take a short break there and drive again until you reach the Coronation Bridge where you turn to NH 31 from NH 10 and enter Dooars via Sevoke and Siliguri. Odlabari, Malbazaar, Chalsa, Chapramari Forest, Birpara, Hasimara and such small townships and tourist destinations fall on the route towards Jaigaon which shares border with Phuentsholing in Bhutan. What makes this journey most interesting is that it includes large number of locations that are worth a stoppage and quick visit.

Take a Bus

bus gangtok

S.N.T and some private companies operate buses from Gangtok by that can be taken to reach Tenzing Norgay Bus Terminus at Siliguri. After arriving at Siliguri, you can halt for some sightseeing around and then take a bus operated by Royal Bhutan Government towards for nearly four hours’ drive to reach Jaigaon that is situated at the Bhutan border. After that, take a private bus or another road transport to travel to your desired places in Bhutan. The journey is indeed incredible. While the first segment will show you mesmerising sights of elevated landscapes with green hills, higher and lower mountains etc, the second part will let you witness the thin and thick forest, small towns, hamlets and such locations in Dooars region.

Book a Flight

bhutan flight

Bagdogra Airport is the nearest Airport from Sikkim, and you have to take a bus or cab to reach there. Druk Air is the national carrier of Royal Govt of Bhutan and operates regular direct flights from Bagdogra to Paro International Airport for tourists. While car trip gives you a chance to experience the exotic Eastern Himalayas, travelling on aeroplane offers an aerial view of wide greenery, ribbon-like rivers and wide stretched hills and mountains of Himalayas. If you are lucky and get a clear sunny day, while the plane is about to land on the Paro Airport, Mt Everest can be seen at a far distance, accompanied by other gigantic mountain peaks.

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