Shopping Malls in Gangtok

15 things You must want to buy while Travelling in Gangtok

The cleanest, safest and fully organic city in India is Gangtok, Sikkim, is the capital city of the state. It is the largest city in 22nd state of India. The city is full with its exotic natural beauty and various sightseeing and also the pleasant weather draw the massive number of visitors from all over world to enjoy these all of the city. The panoramic view of the white snow-capped world’s third highest mountain Mt. Kanchenjunga, wonderful flora and  fauna and the hilly trunk gives you the refresh air to breathe and rebuild your mind, soul, and body and also it is the perfect place for the nature lovers, adventures seekers, and history enthusiasts.

Exotic Sight of the City  


Gangtok, the city has all elements for the travellers for remarkable and unforgettable holidays. You must visit the place like Nathula Pass, Hanuman Tok, Namagyal Institute, Seven Sisters Waterfall, Sikkim Research Institute of Tibetology, Flower Exhibition Centre, Phurchachu Hot Springs, Tsuk La Khang Monastery, Himalayan Zoological Park, and Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary while you are in the Gangtok city.

What to Must Take with You as Gangtok Memory

Shopping Malls in Gangtok

Gangtok is recognised as the delightful shopping destination, the city is popular for its diverse of the culture so must some bring some memory with as not only that when we are going anywhere for spend our vacation then all family members have big list of demand. Especially when I go out for trip my mom to my aunt every tell me that bring this for bring that for me etc. So when I went there in Gangtok as I minded every body’s demand I brought lots of thing. If you are planning for the trip in Gangtok then usually will demand something and when you will bring as your choose, it is the main problems then don’t look for here and there just visit the Gangtok shopping Malls, or at the Gangtok Lal Bazar or in other hand Kanchenjunga shopping Complex there you can get lots traditional or modern and most the things which represent the Gangtok Speciality like:

  • ‘Canvas and wall hanging’, reflects the history and the tribal background, made up with various glorious colours, thread amazing things for your living room.

wall hanging

  • ‘Tibetan Carpets’ represents the arts and culture of Sikkim; it is best for living room and just gives your living a traditional look.

tibetan carpets

  • ‘Dragon sets with gold polish, silver’ it famous all over the country due its exotic curved designed.

dragon sets

  • ‘Sikkim tea’, one cup of the tea in morning and evening just change your world, so you can take it for tea lover of your family.

temi tea

  • ‘Alpine cheese’, it the collaboration of Indo – Swiss, rich yellow Gouda cheese one must bring this alpine Cheese.

alpine cheese

  • ‘Black cardamom’, it is very popular name in Sikkim black Cardamom or in Bengali term it is Bari Alcha due to is flavour and taste it is best gift for mom, aunt or the another lady who loves cooking.

black cardamom

  • ‘Fresh bamboo shoots’ in our cities it is very difficult to find the fresh edible bamboo shoot but as we know that some delicious dish can be prepared by the Bamboo shoot so it is perfect elements for foodie people.

bamboo shoots

  • ‘Hand-woven jackets’, it is reflects the fresh tradition and handicraft of the state’s people.

hand woven jackets

  • ‘Semi-precious stones and silver jewellery’ it very famous and popular thing of the state so one can must brings it’s for the female members like mom, aunt, sister, friend or for beloved one.


  • ‘Thangkas’, represent the Tibetan Buddhists culture which mostly found in the monastery it will make your holy and blessed.


  • ‘Choksee’, famous Tibetan designed table designed make your house traditional


  • ‘Hand-carved wooden tables’ unbelievable hand work of the local people of the state made up with ‘tooni’ (toona celiata),’rani chaap’ (Macalia Exelsa), and ‘okher’ (Walnut)

wooden table

  • ‘Jams and Juices’ pick a bottle and indulge your test buds in the fresh and tasty jams and juices.

juice and jams

  • ‘Sikkim Liquor & Liqueurs’ take with you for your next hangout with your friends, best beverage I’ve tasted in my life.


  • ‘Masks’ another bygone handicraft of the state. ‘Zaru Shing’ (Zaru wood) is used to make various deities, animals or legendry’s face.

Superb Experience of Shopping in Gangtok Market in Night

Gangtok market in night

After taking breakfast, full day just going for the sightseeing and enjoyment but when will you go for the shopping? Yes Night is the best time for shopping in Gangtok since full days the Gangtok all market are so crowed and bustle, it is difficult to buy any with full choose and most important to bargaining and buy on a reasonable prices. So as my personal experiences the people seller are asking three or four times more than the normal prices, if you don’t want to buy anything by giving the 3-4 times more prices or you want to avoid the crowd, traffic, and bustle then go for sopping in Gangtok market in night. At night, when you can buy anything very easily and delightfully, must take some Gangtok market photo which will give you the lifetime memory of the happiest trip of your life.