7 things to know while you are Roaming from Darjeeling to Tiger hill

7 Things to Know While Roaming from Darjeeling to Tiger Hill

Darjeeling the Beauty of Nature:

Darjeeling is a town in the state of west Bengal, India, which has a partially autonomous status within the state of west Bengal. It is also a very famous tourist place in India. Darjeeling is basically known for its beauty. It is one of the beautiful place not only in India but in the world. When we think about Darjeeling there are many beautiful images comes automatically in our mind like images of beautiful mountains and lakes etc. It is a very soulful place.

History of the Town:

History of the town

The recorded history of the town starts from the early 19th century. Tea plantation was established in the region and the tea industry owners developed hybrids of black tea and created many new fermentation ideas and techniques.

Darjeeling has several British-style public schools which attract pupils from India and neighboring countries. The different culture of the town reflects its diversity consists of Nepali, Bengali, Lepta and other mainland Indian ethno-linguistic groups. Darjeeling, alongside its neighboring town of Kalimpong was the centre of the gorkhaland movement in the 1980s. The rising demand for environmental resources have been threatened the fragile ecology of Darjeeling.

Darjeeling is famous for its tea garden industry and beautiful places like spectacular views of Kanchenjunga which is worlds 3rd highest mountain and of course the “Tiger Hill”.

Tourist Attractions:

Tourist attraction

Tiger Hill is always the first choice of tourists. It is also called as queen of hills, located in Darjeeling, in the Indian State of west Bengal and is the summit of Ghoom, the highest railway station in the Darjeeling Himalayan railway; it came under UNESCO World Heritage Site which has its panoramic view of Mount Everest and Mountain Kanchenjunga together. The distance in a straight line from Tiger Hill to Everest is 107 miles (172 km).

How to Reach Tiger Hill from Darjeeling:

How to reach tiger hill from Darjeeling

Tiger hill is very nearer to Darjeeling. Darjeeling to tiger hill distance varies from different places. It is approximately 11km from the town and above Ghoom. After the Gloom station, you will need to take the narrow uphill Senchal road on the right. It takes approximately 40 minutes from Darjeeling town to reach to the summit by road. There are so many facilities available for you to reach your beautiful destination; you may hire a jeep or car to go. If you are in the town or came from outside you need to take a hotel near tiger hill because you will have to go there in early dark morning.

7 Must Knowing Things to Travel Tiger Hill from Darjeeling

1. Height of Tiger Hill:

Height of tiger hill

It’s the highest point in Darjeeling hills at an altitude of 8482 feet. Tiger hill Darjeeling height is 2590 in meters. Now, the main thing is that so many people is scared of height and after hearing that height they will definitely scared so I am here to tell you that you don’t need to get scared at all. Nothing like scary there. Many of tourists go there every day just to see their favorite destination. There are jeep and car available for you guys who will easily take you to your place.

2. Distance of Tiger Hill from Darjeeling:

Distance of tiger hill from Darjeeling

Tiger hill is not far from Darjeeling. Darjeeling to tiger hill distance varies from place to place. It is approximately 11km from the town and above ghoom and 20km via old military road. Darjeeling to tiger hill taxi fare is in the range of Rs. 1200 to 2500 for 4 pax approximately, from where tourist can easily cover up the distance to reach Tiger Hill which can be affordable. Darjeeling town to tiger hill distance is approximately 11km. So tourists can easily go to visit this place.

 3. Be on Time & Don’t Miss the Sunrise:

sunrise timing

Sunrise from Tiger Hill is one of the most popular attractions in Darjeeling. You need to start your mission as early as 3 AM in the morning so that you reach by 4am, if it’s summer, in summer with clear sky you will just glorified with the view of mount Everest and Kanchenjunga. If you are planning to go there in winter you may start by 4am. Sunrise time in rainy season is approximately at 5am but in rainy season it’s all depends on your luck that sunrise is visible or may not be. If your luck shines, this place is yours. Otherwise it’s a little disappointment. There is some point on the top of the hill only from where you can see both the sunrise and the Kanchenjunga together and for this you need to get up and start on perfect time. Otherwise, you will miss one of them. So take that side and stand there only. One should be lucky to have clear skies to view the sunset on the Kanchenjunga.

4. Warm Clothes to Save Yourself:

what to wear

Do carry warm clothes with you. Pack yourself with lots of warm sweater, jacket, cap, thick hand gloves, woolen socks and shoes before go to the hill. If you forgot to carry then you may purchase warm clothes from nearby places before going to the tiger hill. People came from hot warm places like Nagpur will get trouble due to cold weather so they should definitely carry warm clothes with them.

5. Choose A Perfect Standing Position for the Show:

standing position

There is some point on the top of the hill only from where you can see both the sunrise and the Kanchenjunga together; otherwise, you will miss one of them. So take that side and stand there only.

6. Carry A Good Megapixel/DSLR Camera with you:

carry a good megapixel camera with you

If you are going to visit such a beautiful heavenly place and you don’t have a camera with you, you will feel like you have lost everything. A beautiful trip is always successful when you captured your perfect moment. Without a memorable captured shot such a beautiful trip is incomplete.

7. Safety Issues Which You Shouldn’t Avoid:

safety issues

You are going to trek in the dark at early morning so there may be some safety issues, for this all you need to carry all those necessary things with you like torch, first aid box, water bottles etc.