darjeeling to bhutan by road

“A journey from Darjeeling to the capital of Bhutan” by road

Undoubtedly, Bhutan is a very beautiful country with untouched mountains, clouds, rivers, waterfall, monasteries, its unique art museums, its hot cuisines n peace that everyone would like to visit this place at least once in life. There are many things to visit in Bhutan like Tigers nest monastery, Punakha dzong, Do-Chula pass, Ringpung dzong, festivals of Tsechu, community based trekking, Chimi Lkhang which is the only fertility temple in the world. Etc


All modes of possible transport are available to reach Bhutan. Indians don’t even need a Visa to enter the country, only identity card issued by Indian Government and even driving license is enough to enter Bhutan for Indian’s. Indian’s are treated as VIPs in Bhutan.

If you are a visitor who is travelling to Darjeeling for long vacation you must visit Bhutan. People come to Darjeeling often visit Bhutan because it is very much closer to Bhutan’s border so that you can reach Bhutan easily by road. Darjeeling to Bhutan border distance is nearly 180 kms, and Darjeeling to Thimpu distance in a straight line is about 150 km. in miles the distance is 93.3 miles .

Darjeeling to bhutan map

There are all modes of transport is available to enter Bhutan. But if you are coming to Darjeeling from anywhere and you have to go to Bhutan than you may choose any transportation mode because all the networks are well-connected.

Darjeeling to bhutan

If you want to go Bhutan by air there is no direct Darjeeling to Bhutan flight because there is no any airport in Darjeeling but you may come to Bagdogra Airport, Siliguri which is the nearest distance Airport and from Bagdogra Airport there are flights which will take you to the Paro International Airport, Bhutan. If you are arriving to Bagdogra Airport from anywhere the country you will find, there are some private car rentals which offer you self driving service. If you love to drive cars and want to go to Bhutan by driving yourself then you may easily accept the offer. You just have to pay for car rental and take car from them and go for a beautiful ride.

bagdogra to bhutan

If you have to go to Bhutan by road network from Darjeeling then you will have to reach to Siliguri from Darjeeling by Car Rental or Mini Bus, it will take you to your destination, the capital of Bhutan Thimpu via Phuentsholing. The main road way to reach Thimpu from Darjeeling is:


Darjeeling to bhutan road

Firstly, all you have to do is to reach Siliguri from Darjeeling and then via NH31 you have to start your journey. NH31 is the fastest route to travel from Siliguri to reach Pheuntsholing. This route will take you from Matigara,  Siliguri through Mallaguri, Sevoke bridge, Malbazar, Chalsa,  Champamari forest, Nagrakata, Birpara, Hasimara, Jaigaon to reach Pheuntsholing. The distance is about 157km and it takes approx 4hrs to reach the destination.