Top 16 Unexplored Places in Sikkim

Sikkim Translates to Paradise!

It is you to believe a place closer to Shangri-La closer to heart ‘Sikkim’ a feeling whenever you start to lay back or restless from the hustle bustle of the city-life, it is being a savior due to several reasons. The Major reason of its natural beauty is the Himalaya with its abundance of natural beauty, majestic view of the Kanchenjunga, unique calmness in the weather, warm hearted friendly ‘Sikkimese’ people and mouth-watering delicious momos with eye-watering red chilli chutney.

With the lofty snow-clad peaks, villages dotted with that emerald slopes, multi-hued prayers flags. This traveller’s paradise has many hidden destinations one of the Himalaya’s best travel secret is the tiny state of Sikkim of serenity waiting to be explored. So, for some adventure or peace of mind, whether you are looking for solace or romance, North Sikkim is the destination that you must plan to visit the unexplored places in Sikkim. Here is a list of top 16 places for the nature lover should visit:

Offbeat Sikkim Places Must Visit

1. Heritage Tourism Bermiok

Heritage Tourism Bermiok

It is a destination for tourism in the West district of the Sikkim state which is above the sea level. It is a place for offbeat destinations in Sikkim, for its travel destination which is rich in flora and fauna, with different cultures and with few tribal villages. Within a single glance, you can enjoy the unforgettable great view of Kanchenjunga, Kabru, Koktang, Kumbhkarna, Rathong and much more.

2. Nature Borong

Nature Borong

Spending few times with the true nature away from the crowded city life then Borong is the best travel destination for you which is situated on 5800 ft above the sea level, a majestic view of the village in South Sikkim. Coloured unknown birds are common in Borong with the charming view of snow capped Mt. Kanchenjunga, Pandim and Narsing from Borong in unclouded day.

3. Chayatal is Chaya Lake

Chayatal is Chaya Lake

Chaya Taal or Chayatal is situated on 6000 ft above the sea level of West Sikkim, India which is a distance of 35 km from Pelling. Chayatal is just an opposite type of Pelling, where there is no crowd, no large number of tourists, the minimum number of hotels; it is a place of only silence and peace. The Luxurious time you can spend with your family or loving ones surrounded by its nature and silence. Fog and mist play a mystical game all the time which will make the day special for you.

4. Bounded by Chu River and Teesta- Dzongu

Bounded by Chu River and Teesta Dzongu

It is a region which is bounded by Chu River and Teesta River in its North Sikkim, India and a village which is officially reserved for local Lepcha community. Along with the Kanchenjunga range, different coloured flowers and rhododendrons you can enjoy the scenic beauty of the village. Cinnamon fields can be visited on this foot with an enjoyable walk which can be remembered in your lifetime, also to go Teesta River is by crossing Bamboo Bridge at Passingdang, also at River Teesta fishing is a good option.

5. Kitam Bird Sanctuary

Kitam Bird Sanctuary

It is a bird Sanctuary and it’s a heaven place for bird lovers that attract domestic and international tourists around the year for birding. Low altitude bird sanctuary and remains open throughout the year. This sanctuary is on the way to Namchi (another most attracted tourist destination of Sikkim. It is a near place and can be reached from Siliguri or New Jalpaiguri within 3hrs of a joyful journey by car.

6. Rumtek Monastery

Rumtek Monastery

It is also a place for its heritage, traditional, cultural and religious center of Sikkim located on 5085 ft which are above the sea level and at a distance of 25 km from Gangtok. Rumtek Dharma Chakra Center is also known as Gompa which is famous for Rumtek Monastery. Visitors are normally visited Rumtek as a sight seen the place from Sikkim.

7. Surrounded by Valley- Tashiding

Surrounded by Valley- Tashiding

Situated in the West Sikkim, Tashiding is surrounded by valley distance from Pelling and from Yuksam is 40 km and 16 km. The Main attraction of this village is surrounded by the beautiful orange and cinnamon garden; magnificent view of snow capped Mt. Kanchenjunga is visible for its Monastery campus.

8. Uttarey Village Surrounded by Mountains

Uttarey Village Surrounded by Mountains

A small and quiet village which is surrounded by high mountains, situated on 7600 ft above the sea level. It is also the last village of the West Sikkim district is Uttarey with a trekking route goes to Sandakphu via Chia Bhanjyang, Phuktedara, Singalila top, and Phalut.

9. Yaktan Bojeytaar Village Ecotourism

Yaktan Bojeytaar Village Ecotourism

At a distance of 10 kilometers uphill drive from Pakyong, Yakten village is located in the East Sikkim which is also the site of upcoming Greenfield airport is Sikkim. The village brings ecotourism festival which is held back in the months of February brought about new changes in the tourism perspective of this place.

10. Historical and Oldest Yuksom

Historical and Oldest Yuksom

It is the place which has an historical and the oldest place of Sikkim establishment. Yuksom at a distance of 145 km, from Siliguri is the gateway of Eastern Himalaya. Along with the most attractive place which is also best trekking routes for its natural beauty. The crowing place of King Namgyal can be visited on the foot after reaching the place Yuksom, in which the entire area is surrounded by the low railing.

11. Rawangla Amidst in the Hills of Meanam

Ravangla Amidst in the Hills of Meanam

At amidst of the hills of Meanam and Tendong, there is a little town called Rawangla is a place of the visual treat. It is the refreshing sip of the mellow and aromatic Temi tea at Sikkim’s which the only tea garden in the village. The tranquillity that surrounds the grandiose golden statue of Buddha stays in one mind for a long time.

12. Tsomgo Lake

Tsomgo Lake

At the valley nestled at a height of 12,400 ft, this lake makes an ethereally beautiful picture which is against the backdrop of stark, snow capped mountains. It was believed in the olden times which were revered by the Sikkimese as scared; Buddhist monks also are the study of the colours of the water of the Tsomgo Lake to forecast the future.

13. Barsey colourful Rhododendron Sanctuary

Barsey colourful Rhododendron Sanctuary

This is the place which is located at the West Sikkim which is known as for its vibrant and colourful Sanctuary. Trekking through this sanctuary with the wildlife such as the rare Red Panda to the Guras Kunj trekker’s hut has an exhilarating experience.

14. Birdwatchers Paradise- Sumbuk

Birdwatchers Paradise- Sumbuk

Most untouched parts of the South Sikkim; it is the paradise place for birdwatchers. A very different type of destinations the banks of the gurgling Rangit River, numerous gladiolas farms, age-old temples and a unique peacock breeding forest make Sumbuk.

15. Quaint Himalayan Hamlet Kaluk

Quaint Himalayan Hamlet Kaluk

On the West Sikkim, Kaluk is the Himalayan hamlet with its abundant nature beauty. Local hike at the clouds hovering over the forested mountain ranges and at the gorgeous village monastery which gives to Rinchenpong to feel the ambiance.

16. King’s Garden Gyalshing

King’s Garden Gyalshing

King’s Garden is believed to have been once the royal gardens which attached to the place at Rabdentse, Sikkim’s capital till the late 18th century. Just opposite to the Gyalshing bazaar lays the holiest wall in the Sikkim, the Mendang, built by King Chogyal Chador Namgyal. Revered and treasured by the locals as a wish fulfilling lake which is also nearby the serene Khecheoplari Lake.