things to keep in mind, to cover Darjeeling to Gangtok

10 Things to Keep in Mind to Cover Darjeeling to Gangtok Distance

Darjeeling and Gangtok are two alluring hill stations that are bestowed and adorned with nature’s refinement and allure. These stations are abounding with an aura of blissfulness that one experiences in every path it leads. The memories which we create here linger with us for forever. Exploring the hill station refreshes our mind and soul; it bestows the gift of tranquility to our mind for which our soul always yearns for. The pleasant weather, unpolluted air, the unexplored and majestic snow-capped mountains, pure water, lush green terraced tea gardens, freshwater streams, captivating backdrops, the little cute Toy-Train of Darjeeling are hard to resist. So dear explorer! If you are planning to visit Darjeeling and Gangtok; kindly observe the list of 11 things to keep in mind to cover Darjeeling to Gangtok distance.

1. Comparative distance:

Comparative distance

It takes 3hours 45 minutes to reach Gangtok from Darjeeling. The comparative distance between Darjeeling and Gangtok is 96.8 kilometers via Alipurduar/ Rishi Road and NH10.

2. Taxi fare:

Taxi fare

To reach Gangtok from Darjeeling, you will get private taxis as well as shared Jeeps from a taxi stand. Shared Jeeps usually take about 10 persons on a person rate. Note that people will be hopping on and off the shared jeep along the way as many travels for a shorter distance. Indicative shared Jeep fare from Darjeeling to Gangtok is Rs. 200 per person.

Private taxi fare from Darjeeling to Gangtok for a small taxi is Rs. 2500 and that of a large taxi is Rs. 2800. But if you opt for the tour package, that will be advantageous.

3. Best time to visit Darjeeling & Gangtok:

Best time to visit Darjeeling & Gangtok

Since the two hill stations are the most desired hub for the tourists, the best time to visit Darjeeling and Gangtok is favorable throughout the year. Winter is the best time to witness the backdrop with the pleasant sunny weather, the clear blue sky. Whereas summer is an ideal period to escape the torturing heat of the plains and to enjoy the pleasant weather of these hilly stations. Autumn can be as lovely as other seasons, on contrary; spring adorns the region with a variety of delicate blossoms and greens.

4. Backpack:


To ensure that your hands are free; carry a good waterproof backpack for your mountain gateway. Roll your clothes and organize your belongings; make sure you pack in a well-organized manner for ease of accessibility and weight distribution.

5. Clothes to carry:

Clothes to carry

The weather in Darjeeling and Gangtok can be extremely harsh. So you need clothes to keep you warm and cozy. Carry a jacket that not only beat the cold but also make an attractive style statement. Sweaters/ Pullovers, mufflers, woolen socks, leg warmers, gloves, thermal, shawl, and earmuffs are mandatory to keep you sufficiently warm. Always wear fully covered warm clothes to maintain a proper body temperature against the mountain weather.

6. Comfortable walking shoes:

Comfortable walking shoes

A sightseeing trip to Darjeeling and Gangtok calls for long walks and exciting activities like hiking, mountain climbing, etc. make sure you carry a comfortable pair of walking shoes that have a good grip on earth to prevent sore feet and blisters and to forbid from falling.

7. Umbrella and polarized sunglasses:

Umbrella and polarized sunglasses

The weather up in the hills is unpredictable. Ensure you carry an umbrella for the erratic weather. The sun is extremely radiant in the mountains. Polarized glasses cut the glare and haze and will help you admire the artistry of the hills better.

8. Lip Balm/ Sunscreen/ Lotion:

Lip Balm Sunscreen Lotion

A common misconception is that you don’t need to apply sunscreen while traveling to the hills; on the contrary, it is recommended that you apply one with SPF rating suited to your lifestyle for sunburn prevention. Invest in a god lip balm and a sunscreen; opt for moisturizers that are rich in cocoa, body butter, soy milk or honey. These skin care items will prevent dryness caused by the weather in the mountains and protects you from the blistering sun.

9. First-aid kit:

First aid kit

The rocky landscape, unpredictable weather and curvy roads in the hills can affect your health. Keep a first-aid kit ready so that it comes in handy in case of medical emergency. Prepare a kit comprising of relevant medicines; especially medication for altitude sickness, fever, cold, skin rashes should be carried while visiting hills.

10. Camera: 


Always carry a camera or handy cam to capture every beautiful moment and the alluring backdrop of nature; so that you can relive the memories later. Ensure proper battery charger and don’t forget to pack spare batteries and extra memory card.

Other must-have is a pair of binoculars for the wild life enthusiasts and bird watching. Never miss locations like sunrise or sunset points, boating, botanical garden, birds or animal sanctuary, religious places, tea plantations and trekking.

Since Darjeeling is globally famous for the Tea, don’t forget to grab a few packets of fresh organic product to renew your senses and for rejuvenation.

Pack a light snack and at least two liters of water so you can re-energize yourself.