Top 27 Lataguri Forest Resort or Bungalow Booking Options

Lataguri is a small town located close to major town Siliguri, which is well connected to other cities in India through roadways, railways, and airways. Due to its ideal location away from the boisterous crowds and traffic horns, Lataguri provides you a plenty of options to discover the truths of being closer to nature. So, flee to the lap of nature with top 27 Lataguri Forest Bungalow booking options to uncover the gift of nature. The famous tourist hub is surreal, where nature has hurled its magical grandeur. Abounding with the dense forests and the riverine grasslands, wide varieties of flora and fauna, it is an absolute delight for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. Resting amid the tranquility let the pristine nature bestow solace and rejuvenation to your mind and soul.

1. The Reserve:

The Reserve

Located right at the edge of the dense woods at Gorumara, the Reserve ensures a tremendous blend of comfort and natural allure. Enclosed by the woods, it offers a striking sight of abounding flora and fauna. Check in to have a royal experience amid the woods.

2. Tuskers Den Forest Reserve:

Tuskers Den Forest Reserve

Tuskers Den is your natural abode amid the wildlife. Located opposite to the main entrance of Gorumara National Park, it is the doorway to the realm of wildlife and nature. Feel at home away from home with excellent accommodation and superb foods.

3. Banani Forest Bungalow Murti:

Banani Forest Bungalow Murti

Enclosed by naturally grown Sal forest, Banani Forest Bungalow is located just next to river Murti. The resort provides the depth view of Gorumara National Park on the eastern side of the river and the majestic Himalayan ranges on its North. Due to its unique location, it is witnesses a huge influx of guests.

4. Aranya Jungle Resort:

Aranya Jungle Resort

Located close to the forest, Aranya Jungle resort is an excellent place to halt while you are exploring Lataguri. With well trained and managed staffs providing the exceptional service, Aranya Jungle Resort endows a unique and surreal natural experience.

5. Panchavati Forest Resort:

Panchavati Forest Resort

Located adjacent to Gorumara National Park, Panchavati Resort is one of the best accommodations in Lataguri. Established since many years ago, they provide modern amenities in their traditionally decorated cottages. Surrounded by the greens, connect yourself with nature with refreshing clean air and peaceful environment.

6. Banyan Tree Resort:

Banyan Tree Resort

Banyan Tree Resort is a completely eco-friendly jungle resort in Lataguri. Situated amid the greenery, with Gorumara National Park nearby, the clean air and serene ambiance of the woods will enchant you. The resort has space for children to play. The tribal dance and the campfire in the evening will surely make your stay delightful.

7. Akarshan Bono Bungalow:

Akarshan Bono Bungalow

The ultimate place for perfect rejuvenation, Akarshan Bono Bungalow is located near to Gorumara National Park. Being amid the abounding forests, it is a perfect place to be in harmony with nature and with oneself. So, flee from the hustle and bustle of the cities to have a perfect recreation amid the realm of nature.

8. Green Touch Dooars Eco Resort:

Green Touch Dooars Eco Resort

With an untouched scenic view of the lap of the majestic Himalayan range, Green touch eco-resorts presents you an international class of hospitality. Possibilities to explore and rejuvenate are endless at Lataguri forest resorts.  With a specialization in fusion twists and live cooking, they offer the best of cuisines and accommodations.

9. Gajagamini Forest Resort:

Gajagamini Forest Resort

Located away from the Lataguri market, it is one of the best-located resorts in Gorumara National Park. Abounding with the rich natural allure, it possesses the natural boundary of forest in all sides. It is very common to see wild animals roaming closer to the resort.  It is the best possible destination in Lataguri to spend time with nature.

10. Hotel Floret:

Hotel Floret

Located at 31 NH Lataguri, resort Floret provides quality services with unbeatable prices. Consisting of 10 rooms, they are kept spic and span by dedicated service personnel who understands the need of every individual guest. Fundamental services like laundry services, wake up calls, water is provided mostly free of cost.

11. Haithana: The Green Castle:

Haithana: The Green Castle

Ideally located at the center of all activities, there cannot be a better place for a traveler than this. Enclosed by the vast stretches of the undulating span of the tea estates, the panoramic allure of the Himalayas in the background will make impossible for your eyes to rest. You can simply relax and soak up in the sun and watch your little ones make new companions in the garden.

12. Chapramari Forest Rest House:

Chapramari Forest Rest House

Wouldn’t it be great to be staying within a dense forest? Chapramari Forest Rest House has a panoramic view of the oldest jungles of the Dooars province with the undefeatable mountain at its backdrop. Experience the thrill of spending a night in the oldest jungle of India, where the balcony of the rest house serves as the watcher tower to witness the wildlife.

13. Rosevalley Lataguri Forest Retreat:

Rosevalley Lataguri Forest Retreat

Rose Valley Resort in Lataguri is located within the Gorumara National park. It is an ideal place to escape from the chaotic and boisterous urban life. Due to the profuse greenery, you can get a glimpse of wild animals straying around.

14. Hollong Lodge:

Hollong Lodge

Located amid the realm of tranquility and the scenic charm, Hollong eco resort is the excellent place to unwind the stress. Encompassed by the profuse greeneries, it caters the desires of the tranquility seekers bringing you in harmony with the mother nature.

15. Lake View Resort:

Lake View Resort

With the excellent hospitality and the best accommodations, Lake View resort is the nature lovers’ delight. Embark on the wildlife safaris and trekking expeditions. Let the tranquility soothe your mind and soul.

16. Resort Mayur:

Resort Mayur

Resort Mayur is ideally located near the Gorumara National Park, due to which it provides you the plenty of options to be a part of the unexploited nature. So, flee to the lap of nature for the perfect recreation.

17. Dreamland Dooars:

Dreamland Dooars

Are you seeking solitude? Dreamland Dooars at Lataguri is the ultimate solution. Escape to the tranquil lap of nature to experience the bliss. Quench your thirst for the jungle exploration with the luxurious services provided by the devoted professionals.

18. Sun City:

Sun City

Sun City Resort in Lataguri is one of the best resorts in Dooars province. It provides guests the exclusive range of services and facilities. With the dream like little cottages and provision for modern facilities, it is an ideal place for rejuvenation and a blissful vacation.

19. Sonar Bangla Resort:

Sonar Bangla Resort

Located in the heart of the Gorumara National Park, Sonar Bangla resort bestows you with the natural recuperation effect wrapped in the allure of nature. With the internet access provided, Sonar Bangla is one of the best places for an ideal leisure.

20. Silver Ridge Resort:

Silver Ridge Resort

Ideally situated at the heart of the Gorumara National Park, Silver ridge resort sprawls over a large province that has been tastefully done. Encircled with dense vegetations, it is the excellent place for the nature lovers.

21. Resort Unique Inn:

Resort Unique Inn

Unique Inn is an exquisite eco-friendly place embraced by the vast stretches of undulating tea estates and the natural grandeur. With helpful and courteous staffs, the place is well maintained. Let your dream of nature camping come true in the mind refreshing province.

22. Indrapuri Resort:

Indrapuri Resort

Located at a considerable distance from the crowds of the maddening crowds, Indrapuri Resort is a budget property in Lataguri. While you are on a quest for tranquility and adventure, Indrapuri Resort will arrange the best accommodations and amenities at a shoestring budget. So ditch the sophistications to experience the rustic amid nature.

23. Pasakha Inn:

Pasakha Inn

Offering you the essence of authenticity, the luxurious Pasakha Inn breathes tranquility, friendliness, hospitality and ideally balanced lifestyle. Located at a one-minute walking distance from the Gorumara Nature Interpretation Center and Forest Entry Ticket Counter, it offers excellent facilities. It is an excellent pick for a comfortable stay.

24. Hotel Sonali:

Hotel Sonali

A leisure resort in Lataguri, Hotel Sonali is one of the best budget resorts. It is the best place for relaxation, retreat, and rejuvenation for a family vacation, leisure business and honeymoon. So, come and experience the tranquility and silence of the evergreen tropical woods here.

25. Elephant Resort:

Elephant Resort

]The enchanting call of the wild is acknowledged at Elephant forest resort. Located adjacent to the well-known Gorumara forest, this eco resort is the gateway for many jungle trails and expeditions. Its authenticity and the serenity provide an ideal opportunity to enjoy the call of the wild.

26. Green Lagoon Hotel and Resort:

Green Lagoon Hotel and Resort

Discover the beauty of Dooars woodlands far away from the nerve-wracking noises of the cities with Green Lagoon Hotels and Resorts. Situated near the Gorumara National Park, it is an excellent place to experience the tranquility and the bliss.

27. Panchak Resort, Lataguri:

Panchak Resort, Lataguri

Dispensing the homely ambiance away from home, Panchak Resort in Lataguri is a wonderful place for the ideal vacation. The resort ideally locates near Neora Mod and shares boundary with Gorumara National Park. It retains a wild charm. You can even get glimpses of wild animals roaming in the woods.

Catering to the aspirations of many wanderlust travelers, Lataguri is an excellent place for a perfect recreation. The pleasant winters and the heavy downpour during the monsoons make Lataguri an ideal destination for the leisure and the adventure. Thus the huge inrush of the tourist has emphasized on the establishment of many accommodations for their halt amid the woods.  I believe the mentioned above options will be helpful for Lataguri forest bungalow bookings or availing for Lataguri hotels in your next trip. Most of these resorts are inexpensive. It will provide you the opportunity to forget the urban sophistication. So, be prepared for a unique experience amid the unfading greens.

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