23 Places to Visit in Kathmandu Valley for Couples

The Kathmandu Valley is located in Nepal, and it lies at the crossroads of the ancient civilizations of Asia, which has at least 130 important monuments, including the several pilgrimage sites for the Hindus and Buddhists. There are also seven of the World Heritage Sites within the Valley of Nepal. If you look at the place historically, the valley and its adjoining areas make up a confederation which is known as the Nepal Mandala. But until the 15th century, Bhaktapur was the capital. Later two of the other capitals, Kathmandu and Lalitpur (Patan) were established.

Paradise for Honeymoon- Tourist Places in Kathmandu

Kathmandu has felt the amalgamation of multiples features like the mountain ranges, with the deep valleys, narrow walkways, and the peaceful lakes. Magical, mythical, spiritual and serene at the same time, it is also the perfect paradise for an ideal honeymoon trip in Nepal. Lovers can choose these destinations after their marriage to feel the paradise dreamland that will offer them the best of the romantic moods. The dream of this love spirit will make your loving bloom in full glory.

How to Reach Kathmandu

You would want to arrive by air as most of the International travelers will be arriving by air. In this case, you will be landing at Tribhuvan International Airport that is just east of Kathmandu. This is also the most convenient starting point for exploring all the parts of the Kathmandu Valley.

As for the bus accommodation from the other parts of Nepal, they will have Kathmandu as the main stop. Once you are at the city you can get oriented and arranged to visit other places of the valley as needed.

Places to Visit in Kathmandu for Couples

1. Baber Mahal Revisited, Thapathali, Kathmandu:

Baber Mahal Revisited, Thapathali, Kathmandu

King Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah declared nationalization of the entire country  after the fall of the 100-year-old Rana regime in Nepal (1846-1951). This marked the end of monarchy. A new age of democracy was started. One such Durbar is the 250 roomed Baber Mahal in Thapathali of Kathmandu. The best place to view mostly the contemporary painting by Nepali artists.

2. National Museum, Chauni, Kathmandu:

National Museum, Chauni, Kathmandu

It was established in the year 1938, named as the National Museum, Chauni, Kathmandu, and is located opposite the army headquarters and the army hospital Chauni near the famous Swyombhunath Stupa. However, this place is a treasure trove of the traditional Nepalese art and  craft.

3. Patan Museum, Patan Durbar Square, Patan:

Patan Museum, Patan Durbar Square, Patan

The Patan Museum was established inside the famous Patan Durbar Square and is perhaps the best place to go to if you want to know more about the various Buddhist deities of Nepal.

4. Simrik Atelier, Patandhoka, Patan:

Simrik Atelier, Patandhoka, Patan

Lok Raj Chitrakar founded the Simrik Atelier in Patan Dhoka. It is one of the leading exponents of the most famous paintings and they are on the permanent display in the Furukawa Museum of Asian Art in Tokyo.

5. Park Art Gallery, Pulchowk, Patna:

Park Art Gallery, Pulchowk, Patna

This Park Art Gallery was established in the year 1970 by the pioneering watercolorist Rama Nanda Joshi (1933-1988). It was the first independent art institution that was to impart art education in Nepal. It was also the original gallery of the place that was once a landmark in its own right.

6. Pashupati Nath Temple, Sacred Temples:

Pashupati Nath Temple, Sacred Temples

It is one of the oldest and the most known renowned and sacred temples in Nepal. The Pashupati Nath Temple is located on the fringes of the Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.

7. Pilgrimage Center, Boudanath:

Pilgrimage Center, Boudanath

It is located at 7 km Northeast of Kathmandu, and is one of the prominent pilgrimage centers and popular tourist places in Nepal. It is the spiritual place for meditation for local people as well as for the Tibetan pilgrims.

8. Mesmerizing Himalayan Views, Place of Heaven – Nagarkot:

Mesmerizing Himalayan Views, Place of Heaven - Nagarkot

Some of the places to visit outside Kathmandu valley is located close and is among the popular Nepal tourist places known for offering mesmerizing Himalayan views. Tourists love visiting this place to enjoy the magnificent views of the sunrises.

9.  Shopping in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur:

Shopping in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur

One of the popular Nepal tourist attractions for shopping is Bhaktapur. It has terra cotta and handicraft products, clothes and souvenirs are also available to shop at this destination.

10. Birth Place of Lord Buddha, Lumbini:

Birth Place of Lord Buddha, Lumbini

Lumbini is the birthplace of Lord Buddha and is among the famous tourist’s places in Nepal. It is the place perfect for meditation within the peaceful ambiance of the city located in the Kapilavasta region.

11. Popular Holy Shrines, Swayambhu Temple:

Popular Holy Shrines, Swayambhu Temple

A place is perched atop a conical shaped hill, Swayambhu Temple is one of the popular holy shrines in Nepal. This place can also be referred as the Monkey Temple, the temple which has many legends that make it quite popular.

12. For Newly-Wed Couple- Pokhara:

For Newly-Wed Couple- Pokhara

The city of Pokhara is one of the superb and enthralling places to visit in Nepal for Honeymoon. As for the newly married couples, Pokhara is a dreamland, with perfect picture setting of Himalayan ranges, deep valleys, lakes and winding trek paths.

13. Kathmandu Honeymoon Casino with Lady Luck:

Kathmandu Honeymoon Casino with Lady Luck

To continue your romance with the vibrancy of the colourful wedding, you can choose Casinos as your destinations for nightlife in Kathmandu, Nepal. It is the capital city which is rich in its cultural traditions, colours, and customs. At the same time, it is the also full of glitzy casinos.

14. Honeymoon full of Serenity- Bandipur:

Honeymoon full of Serenity- Bandipur

It is the ideal place for a honeymoon. You can choose your first trip with your life partner to be in an around the Newari culture at the fascinating and serene Bandipur in Nepal.

15. Place of Jungle Book Trip with Your Beloved at Bardia:


Place of Jungle Book Trip with Your Beloved at Bardia

At the National Park in Nepal you will feel the seasoning thrill and the adventure with a dash of daring attitude at Bardia. You can spend few fun filled days with the wild habitat in Asia’s largest stretches of the tiger habitat of the place.

16. Daman: Frequently Visited Places for Honeymoon:

Daman: Frequently Visited Places for Honeymoon

Most frequently visited  places in Nepal for honeymoon is Daman. It has a vast scenic view of the Himalayan range from Mount Everest to Mount Dhaulagiri and bright colorful rhododendrons. It is a remote fairy-tale destination, which is far from the hustle & bustle of tourists for exclusive intimacy and bonding.

17. To Go Green With Your Spouse at Chitwan:

To Go Green With Your Spouse at Chitwan

For those lovers who love jungle safaris and nature walks, the perfect destination is Chitwan.  A perfect green and tranquil surrounding is sure to set the perfect romantic mood.

18. Peaceful Romantic Time at the Godavari:

Peaceful Romantic Time at the Godavari

One of the small but very peaceful hill stations is the Godavari, which is tailor made for the newly-weds. Couples can just chill and spend some time together here to enrich your experiences of Nepal honeymoon.

19. Mustang has the Mythical Aura:

Mustang has the Mythical Aura

This place is located at one of the corners of Nepal, which is along the fringes of Nepal and Tibet. This place is one of the isolated locations, placed at the mythical aura and the national beauty makes the best place to visit in Nepal for a honeymoon.

20. Serene Destinations, Sarangkot for Perfect Honeymoon:

Serene Destinations, Sarangkot for Perfect Honeymoon

The serene destination called Sarangkot is the perfect honeymoon destination in Nepal. Delightful place with dropping scenery along the ridge are for love birds.

21. Tourists Place to Buy Clothes, Thamel Area:

Tourists Place to Buy Clothes, Thamel Area

Kathmandu’s Thamel Area is the best place to buy clothes, accessories, jewelry, and souvenirs, as for street shopping. You can enjoy while browsing at a variety of interesting knick knacks.

22. North of Pokhara, Mahendra Gufa:

North of Pokhara, Mahendra Gufa

North of Pokhara is the Mahendra Gufa located at the north, and this is the famous natural tourist’s place. Nepal has a dark and the cavernous cave that is known for stalactites and stalagmites.

23. Temple Golden Shrine Ashok Binayak:

Temple Golden Shrine Ashok Binayak

This place is an important religious site. It is located amidst the rubbles. The most worshipped god in this temple is Lord Ganesha. This place witnesses a huge influx of the devotees and visitors throughout the year.

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