A Foodie`S Guide To The Delectable Cuisine Of Sikkim

A Foodie`S Guide To The Delectable Cuisine Of Sikkim


Sikkim is a small but beautiful state of the country which is famous for its exotic delicacies, authenticity and stunning vistas. Tourism in Sikkim has always been accompanied by its delectable cuisine. This enchanting hill station offers a unique blend of Nepalese and Tibetan food menu. Thus, it`s safe to say that Sikkim is the ultimate delight for foodies.

Delicious Food of Sikkim:

1. Momo:


Momo is a common Sikkimese food which is available in almost all the restaurants in the state. These are steamed dumplings which are prepared from wheat flour and minced meat filling. It is served with vegetable/meat soup and tomato achar.

2. Thukpa or Gya-Thuk:

Thukpa or Gya-Thuk

Thukpa is a typical Tibetan delicacy in Sikkim which is also available in most of the local restaurants. It basically comprises of hot noodles soup along with meat and vegetable chunks.

3. Gundruk and Sinki:

Gundruk and Sinki

Rice is the staple food of Sikkim and thus, there are a variety of food items which are served with rice. Gundruk is a fermented product of leafy vegetables whereas Sinki is prepared from radish tap roots. Onions and tomatoes are the main ingredients to raise its flavor.

4. Kinema:


Kinema is another main food of Sikkim which is served as a substitute for meat along with rice. The sun-dried Kinema is a fermented soyabean food which does not require much effort to present the curry as a tempting side-dish.

5. Churpi:


The people of Sikkim consume a wide variety of dairy products such as churpi, paneer, cheese, dahi, mohi, etc. Churpi is a fermented dairy product prepared from milk that gives a mild sour taste. The traditional “Churpi Soup” is a Sikkim local food item which is served hot with cooked rice.

6. Phagshapa:


Phagshapa is one of the most delicious and famous non-vegetarian (pork) dish of Sikkim which goes really well with cooked rice. Chillies and radish are the main ingredients which when cooked with pork gives a mouth-watering flavor to your taste-buds.

7. Sel Roti:

Sel Roti

Sel Roti is widely famous among the Nepalese. This is a traditional homemade food item which is prepared especially during the Tihar or Diwali festivals. It is a sweet, spongy, ring-shaped product which is prepared from well-mixed rice batter along with added flavors.

8. Sha Phaley:

Sha Phaley

Sikkim special food brings Sha Phaley, which is a scrumptious Tibetan origin dish. Deep fried, semi-circular in shape and stuffed with meat, it is best when served with thick veg/non-veg soup and spicy chutney.

9. Chambray:


Chambray is a typical Nepali dish which is prepared from local varieties of rice. This particular dish can be considered as Pulao which is best served with Til ko Alu.

10. Sishnu:


Sishnu soup or edible nettle leaves soup is another typical Nepali dish which is served with cooked rice. The edible nettle leaves are boiled along with garlic flakes and extra flavors to get a rich taste of the soup.

Besides, the above mentioned Sikkimese food items, the locals of the state are fond of liquid diets too. Raksi and Chaang/Jhaar are the locally prepared alcoholic beverages. Raksi is traditional liquor prepared from fermented starchy rice or Kodo millets, whereas, Chaang or Jhaar is prepared from variable fermentation substrates such as millet, rice, maize, wheat, and barley, etc.


On January 2016, Sikkim was the first state to be declared as the “100 percent organic state” of the country. Organic farming in Sikkim is largely practiced on around 75,000 hectares of its agricultural land and the food products obtained are fresh and totally free from chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Some of the important Sikkim organic products are oranges, large cardamom, ginger, turmeric, cherry paper, baby corn, buck wheat, pulses etc.


Traditional foods are an integral part of Sikkim state. During the journey to the north-eastern Himalayas, you may come across a number of restaurants which serve tasty and delightful cuisines and a few organic farms that produce Sikkim organic food.

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