River Rafting in Teesta River-Sikkim

Irresistible River Rafting in Teesta River-Sikkim

Sikkim, one of the smallest states in the northeastern region treasures some of the exciting outdoor adventure activities like hang gliding, high-altitude trekking, white water rafting, paragliding, and more.  Brimming with natural grandeur and enclosed by Himalayan mountain ranges, and fascinating landscapes intersected by the glacial fed luminous waters, the state is a haven for the adrenaline junkies. Travelers can yield up to the call of adventure with Sikkim tour packages, for delving into the quaint region that rewards the road warriors with excellent mountain biking trips. The mountain lovers get their wish fulfilled with high altitude treks like Kanchenjunga Treks, Goecha La Trek, Dzongri Treks, and more. For those who are in love with the waters can plunge into the ever-flowing waters of Teesta River with white water rafting.

Daredevils! You can indulge in Whitewater rafting in Teesta River Sikkim, if you want to rip the white waters. Basically, rafting can be done en-route, between Gangtok to Siliguri. Teesta River and its tributary Rangeet provide the best route for white water rafting in Sikkim. The vast and perfect stretch is secure for safe and unhindered rafting.  The perennial waters of Teesta have a series of rapids that range from moderate to challenging.

So, if you are seeking to add some flicker in your adventure trip this holiday season, then come and get plunged in luminous, icy water of Teesta River with white-water rafting in Sikkim. Whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced rafter, just grab a life jacket, a helmet, a pair of shoes, and you’re set to defeat those rapids!  As you’re bound to get drenched, just make sure that you carry extra clothes and a towel before you head for this stimulating adventure.

Rafting in Teesta River Sikkim for non-swimmers:

1. From Melli to 29th Milestone

From Melli to 29th Milestone

Distance: 11 Kms

Duration: 1 hour

2. Melli to Rayang  


Distance: 13 Kms

Duration: 2 hours

3. 29th Milestone to Kalijhora  


Distance: 8 Kms

Duration: 2 hours

4. Melli to Kalijhora


Distance: 24 Kms

Duration: 3 hours

Rafting in Teesta River for acclimatized-experts-swimmers:

1. Tarkhola to Melli


Distance: 20 Kms

Duration: 2 hours

2. Tarkhola to 29th Milestone

Distance: 33 Kms

Duration: 3 Hrs

3. Rongpo to 29th Milestone 

Rongpo to 29th Milestone 

Distance: 28 Kms

Duration: 3 hours

4. Tarkhola to Kalijhora 

Distance: 37 Kms

Duration: 5 hours

Before boarding you in, the raft operators generally give instructions, which need to be followed during the trip. For the non-swimmers, the routes are easy, involved with gentle rapids. However, for the experienced and the swimmers, the routes are more challenging involved with rapids forceful enough to give a thrill.

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