10 Adventure Activities in Nepal That Will Slake Your Lust for Thrill


We welcome you to Nepal “The home to adventures, attractions, and wonderments”

Situated in the Southern part of Asia and landlocked between the Tibet autonomous region of China and India, Nepal has exceptionally come forward as a popular destination for all the adventure loving tourists and nature admirers. This is a country known for its massive mountains, especially for “Sagarmatha” the world’s highest peak, popularly known as the Mount Everest. Having been blessed with the exotic landscapes of lofty Himalayan peaks, high passes, deep valleys, and rushing rivers, Nepal is recognized for offering some of the world’s best adventure activities each of which will stimulate the mind, body, and soul of the adventure enthusiasts thereby providing a sense of accomplishment, memories of life experience and with fascinating tales to tell to your friends. Tourists have actually titled the country as an “adventurer’s playground”.

Check out the 10 thrilling adventure activities of Nepal- It holds so many fascinations as such

So, are you ready to challenge your limits with the blood pumping, heart racing, and thrilling adventure activities in Nepal? We have listed down some of the best adventure sports to hopefully inspire you to seize your days and lead a life of adventure in Nepal.

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1. High Altitude Trekking- Sky is the limit for trekkers

High Altitude Trekking- Sky is the limit for trekkers

Did you know that the high-altitude trek zones of Nepal attract more than 100,000 trekkers annually? If you are interested and determined enough to participate in this amazing expedition then hurry and grab the best trekking packages and take full advantage of Nepal adventure.

Location: Everest, Annapurna, Mustang, Langtang, Manaslu.

Best time: Mid September to Mid December.

2. Pump your adrenaline with the world’s best White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting

The rapidly splashing, turning and twisting waves of the glacial fed rivers will definitely add some exciting colors to your life only if you dare to take up the heart-racing sport of white water rafting. So, don’t make it a miss.

Location: Sun Kosi, Trisuli, Tamur, Kaligandaki, Karnali.

Best time: September through to November or April to June.

3. Embrace the alluring Himalayan backdrop with Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

Out of the various challenging things to do in Nepal, mountain biking has come up as a truly satisfying adventure enough for testing the physical limits and mental determination of a sporty daredevil.

Location: Kathmandu and Pokhara valley, Annapurna Circuit, Mustang, Lower Everest region.

Best time: February to April.

4. Share space with the Himalayan griffins, Paragliding at Pokhara

Paragliding at Pokhara

Pokhara in Nepal is the best place for taking up the fantastic opportunity of Paragliding. Believe us, once you start taking heights over the villages, monasteries, lakes, jungles of Pokhara city, you won’t ever like to land.

Location: Pokhara, Bandipur, Srikot.

Best time: Between October and March.

5. Bungee Jumping will make your heart skip a beat

Bungee Jumping

The adrenaline filled and gravity-defying bungee jump will take you to experience a truly fun-filled and nerve-wrecking pursuit as you make the longest fall of your life towards the deep gorges of rivers raging below.

Location: Bhotekoshi Gorge, Bungy Bridge, The Jump.

Best time: All year round.

6. Explore the wilder side of Nepal through Jungle Safari

Jungle Safari

Jungle safari might not seem to be an adventure sport for many but for the wildlife lovers, taking a ride on the back of an elephant won’t be less than an adventure. Remember Nepal is not only an abode to enormous mountains; its tropical jungles are famous for wild flora & fauna too.

Location: Chitwan National Park, Bardia National Park, Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve Safari.

Best time: All year round (especially from Mid-October to Mid-December).

7. Canyoning- Say yes to new adventures


Canyonning is a newly introduced adventure sport in Nepal that involves climbing, scrambling, abseiling, swimming and walking through the completely off beaten tracks of the Himalayas. Thanks to the unique topography of the country, it offers great canyoning adventures for a complete mind-body coordinating experience.

Location: Kathmandu, Kakani, Jalbire, Sundarijal, Lamjung.

Best time: September to May.

8. Heli Skiing- Get the best views of Mount Everest

Heli Skiing

Heli Skiing is no ordinary sport. This is the best possible way of testing your sporting stamina while skiing in the world’s highest and outrageous mountainous region of Everest.

Location: Everest region, Annapurna, Dhauligiri, Makalu, Cho Oyu, Kanchenjunga, and the Dolpo region.

Best time: End of December to March.

9. Zip Flyer- Don’t make it a miss

Zip Flyer

Zip flyer is yet another exhilarating adventure sport which renders the fanatics to behold the captivating views of various mountains, lakes and beautiful valleys as you start your flight from the higher spot till the lower plains of Pokhara.

Location: Pokhara.

Best time: All over the year.

10. Everest Sky Diving – Take a deep breath and fall freely

Zip Flyer

Feel the excitement of the freefall with Everest Sky Diving, we bet the experience will haunt you till the end of your life. The thrill of the jump from a height even higher than that of the summit of Mt. Everest is something beyond thoughts.

Location: Pokhara.

Best time: October and November.


All of the above-mentioned adventure sports are suitable for both beginners and experienced souls looking for delightful activities to do. Nepal provides unlimited options for adventurers to test their physical as well as the mental limits. So, when are you planning to experience the joy in the playground of adventures? Get along with Nepal adventure tours and live the feeling you just imagined reading this.

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