When you pick up a Kathmandu Vacation Package, it’s always advisable to do your research before you head on to a activity-filled trip. We always recommend that you read about the place & the amenities available so that you can drop in helpful suggestions to your travel agent when he designs your itinerary. This way, your vacation is bound to be more organized & equally satisfying as you keep on ticking things that add up your bucket list.

Read on to discover all the crucial activities you need to cover when you land into the city of myths, religion, Himalayan beauty & bubbling culture. We assure you that  Kathmandu isn’t going to disappoint you.

1. Levitate above the Everest –

 Levitate above the Everes

The most preferential activity we recommend when you book a Nepal-Kathmandu Travel Package is to include Mountain Flight in your itinerary. Nepal is a Himalayan kingdom, & is home to the Everest. It houses eight of the ten tallest peaks in the world! So undoubtedly, a mountain ride will give you the best air-borne experience of your life. These are specially chartered 1-hour tour flights where planes take off from the Kathmandu Airport & fly you above the breathtaking Himalayas so that you can enjoy spectacular views of snowy mountain tops just from your window seat. You don’t have to climb the Everest to gaze at its majestic peak. Stay snug near your window seat & prepare to get awed!

2. Slice through the waters of Koshi –


Though an hour of Mountain Flight is an extremely easy activity that requires zero stamina, the mere sight of the majestic mountains is bound to pump up the adrenaline in you! To make the most out of it, we recommend you to channelize your inner energy and include a whitewater rafting program in your Package Trip to Kathmandu. The waters of Bhote Koshi & Sun Koshi are ideal for rafting, and you can choose the difficulty level from Beginner to Professional, depending on your ability & taste.

3. Pay your homage to the Living Goddess –

Pay your homage to the Living Goddess

Once you’ve taken your fill of adventure, it’s time to sneak a peek into the glorious history & beliefs of the Hindu kingdom that is Nepal. And to understand the magnitude of their devotion, you need to witness their God in flesh & bone. Within the premises of the Durbar Square in Kathmandu, is the Kumari House. It is an abode of the Living Goddess, Kumari. A pre-pubescent girl who lives within these sacred quarters is believed to be the reincarnation of Goddess Durga and is worshipped by the entire nation. Make sure you include a visit to the Kumari House in your Kathmandu Vacation Package.

4. Try your Luck at Casino Royale –


Even though Nepal is steeped in culture, religion & remnants of a vivid monarchial history, it can also offer you a taste of modern vacationing when you step into Casino Royale. A welcoming respite from the busy streets of Kathmandu, this casino sports a gaming avenue with 32 machine & 21 table-oriented gaming outlets. You can try your luck in table games like Flush, Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat & chill in its in-house restaurant & bar. You have to be above 21 to own the license to play.

5. Try your Mettle at Annapurna –

.    Try your Mettle at Annapurna

Thousands of aspirers worldwide fly in to Nepal to get a slice of unadulterated nature. And to witness & admire the Himalayas from a closer perspective, nothing is better than a well-planned trekking session.  The Annapurna Circuit Trek starts from Kathmandu & encompasses a wide Himalayan vista. You can witness the sheer brilliance of mountain peaks from an unbelievably close proximity. During this extensive & extremely detailed 18-day trek, you will run into Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, Gangapurna, Pisang Peak, Annapurna, Tilicho & more. The trek takes you through forest trails, dirt roads, waterfalls, tiny rustic outlets, enormous valleys, cliffs & mountainsides. No doubt Annapurna Circuit is voted to be the Best Long Distance Trek in the world.

6. Leave tire prints at Shivapuri –

Leave tire prints at Shivapuri

If you think trekking is too difficult for you yet you want to admire the beauty of the virginal landscapes of Nepal, then we suggest you rent out a mountain bike and pack a light backpack.  Include a trip to the Shivapuri National Park in your package for Nepal, Kathmandu.  Within the national park, you can choose from more than a dozen trails, each with a different level of difficulty, and embark on a journey to explore the exotic floral pastures, the solemn alpines, and the omnipresent mountains. Some of the most preferential & beauteously scenic trails that we refer are the Helipad Descent, the Chisapani Jula Downhill, & the Jhule Sundarijal Vai Gagal trail.

7. Purify your Soul in front of the All Seeing Eye –

Purify your Soul in front of the All Seeing Eye

The moment you walk into the avenue of the Swayambhunath Stupa, you cannot help but feel that you’re under the omnipresent scrutiny of the All-Seeing Eye that is projected into the four cardinal directions. This “self-risen” stupa is a gigantic, circular dome that serves as a base for a six-leveled golden spiral which ensues forward to the sky. The dome represents the Earth & all the worldly attachments. The six-leveled spiral represents the six stages every mortal needs to cross to achieve the eternal bliss of Nirvana. The numerous prayer flags tied to the iconic Golden Spiral spread out to the length & breadth of the avenue and flutter against the azure sky tirelessly, dissipating the reverend prayers of “Om Mane Padme Hum” into the blessed atmosphere.

8. Become Airborne, Again –

Become Airborne, Again

When Mountain Flight  isn’t enough, paragliding through the breathtaking valleys of Kathmandu will add up to the list of your memorable experiences in Kathmandu. Unlike Mountain Flight where you witness the mountains from the enclosed space of the airplane, paragliding takes you bare-bodied through the higher-ups of the velvety valleys of Kathmandu. Just 20 kilometers away from the main town, you can paraglide to the open vistas with the help of a professional, complete with an extensive twenty minute ride & flight insurance. You can paraglide from 8:30 am till noon till the skies are vibrant & clear.

9. Buy a souvenir at Indra Chowk –

Buy a souvenir at Indra Chowk

When you’re in Kathmandu, it is an unsaid yet cherished ritual to take back something as a token of remembrance. And Kathmandu does not disappoint. Just slip in to the busy alleys of Indra Chowk in Kathmandu. With rows & rows of rustic outlets enticing tourists & locals alike, the bazaar is an ideal location to indulge in some souvenir hunting. From edibles, accessories, crafts & clothing, you will run into everything exotic, handmade, beautiful and intriguing. We suggest you shop for high quality patent “Nepali-print” fabrics that are excellent woolens to own. The taste-buds tickling & extremely sour Titaura i.e. dried & tangy pickles in portable packets is a must try. Buy a toy-sized Khukuri as a memento. The colorful beaded necklace that’s a hit with Nepali women is sure to impress your spouse.

10. Sit & relish an authentic Nepali Thali –

Sit & relish an authentic Nepali Thali

Just before you bid adieu to this legendary place, sit down and enjoy some authentic Newari food served in traditional brass cutlery. Walk into the Krishnadarpan Dinner where they serve six to twenty two course meals in a typical Newari ambience to offer you the real taste of Nepal. Enjoy mushroom soups, buckwheat pancakes, lip-smacking momos served with spicy chutney, and a complete Nepali thali that comprises of steamed rice, flavored lentil soup, Nepali chicken curry, assorted vegetables seasoned with local herbs & spices, homemade plum & radish pickles, semolina pudding & much more. However, if you want to relish the taste of western cuisine within the premises of Kathmandu, we highly recommend you the Fire & Ice Pizzeria & the Kaiser Café inside the Garden of Dreams.

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