Climate of Darjeeling in May: Reason to escape the raging summer

Wondering what is the best time to visit in Darjeeling? Pick May, because it is the time when the mercury dwindles at a moderate level, ensuring the best climate and exhilarating Darjeeling sightseeing tour. The best season to visit in Darjeeling is, summer that begins from the month of May to and remains until July. The temperature swindles from 11° C to 19° C, unlike the negative numbers that we see during winters. The month of May is considered the best tourist season in Darjeeling. The pleasant climate favors the accessibility to the top Darjeeling sightseeing places adding much worth to your time and overall expenses.

So, this vacation, pack your bags and escape the blistering summer heat that torments the rest of the country. Find the much-needed respite and fresh breath of Himalayan air in with unhindered and jaw-dropping sightseeing in Darjeeling in the month of May.

1. Enjoy light summertime shower in Darjeeling in May

You might experience light showers in between in the month of May, but overall you will be at bliss with moderate climate and temperature. To those who love to watch the raindrops on the rooftops and on window panels, prepare to fall in love. You can wear your slippers and get out in the courtyard to feel the drops fall against your cheeks, or simply enjoy it pour while you sip your Darjeeling tea.

2. Things to do in summer in Darjeeling in May

Explore the major sightseeing places in Darjeeling; indulge in adventure activities like-trekking, hiking, whitewater rafting, mountain biking, cycling, etc.  You can explore the lush green tea gardens from where the world’s finest tea grows, gets plucked, and produced.  If you want to discover beyond this, then you can ditch the crowds and drive towards the offbeat places in Darjeeling where nothing but nature’s appeal and serenity exists. Or else you can ditch the sophistication of hotels and opt for your stay in the quaint home stays in Darjeeling in May. If you’re a culture freak, home stays offer the best opportunity to have a thorough insight into the provincial life, culture, and traditions of the hill people or the tribes. Explore the villages that have been secluded from the chaotic crowds and nerve-wracking traffics, go for a short hike amid the alpine woods, watch the cascading milky white waterfalls, or, find peace while dipping your feet in the cold rushing streams.

3.  Fall in love with the colonial ambiance

Yes. You heard it right! Darjeeling at its initial days served as a sanatorium for the British troops. Now, even after years and years of independence, the quaint town displays a charming colonial ambiance. A large number of British institutions, Gothic churches, British cottages or Heritage Bungalows, the vast expanse of Tea Gardens, UNESCO World Heritage Site- Toy Train, etc, major colonial relics. These are the evidence that colonists too were deeply compelled by the beauty and the climate of Darjeeling, which resembled that of the European region in a considerable manner. So, you can explore and witness the fondness that British had for Darjeeling.

4. Stay laidback. Savor the Leisurely

 Darjeeling climate in May features the charm that is irresistible. Apart from sightseeing tours and explorations, you can just remain laidback and experience the leisurely feel. Yes! After all, what you seek has found you. The pleasant climate, the enchanting backdrop of Kanchenjunga Ranges, lush greeneries, and a vacation in Darjeeling! You have escaped the hectic, hassles, and the heat! So, you can give some moment to yourself alone, sitting on the balcony, reading, or sipping the freshly brewed aromatic Darjeeling tea, or simply gazing at the mountains! Isn’t that wonderful?

5. Darjeeling sightseeing tour to venture in the month of May

Well, there is no dearth of places to explore in Darjeeling, not only in the month of May but throughout the year. So, you can go to any places as per your preference. Some of the major sightseeing tours include:

i. Sandakphu -Phalut-Singalila Trek: Must for adventure freaks, nature lovers, photographers, and to those that are seeking the incredible feeling.

ii. Watch another dawn at Tiger Hill: For witnessing the break of dawn that nudges and paints the Himalayas with its golden hues, a better way to begin your day.

iii. Visiting Tea Gardens:  De-Stress while sauntering amid the luxuriant realm of greens, amid the misty air that blends with the aroma of freshly plucked leaves and delicate blossoms. Witness the Mecca of Tea where world’s finest tea is grown and produced.

iv. Find your peace at Japanese Peace Pagoda: Built for promoting world peace, this white washed structure evokes the sense of peacefulness.

v. Do the Safaris at Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary:  Established in 1915, and one of the oldest Sanctuaries in India, It’s the abode to the Himalayan flora and fauna and is a delight to the wildlife and nature enthusiasts.

vi. Un-miss-able Toy-Train Ride: Complete your trip with a joyous ride on the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway- Toy Train that passes amid the luxuriant realm of greens and quaint villages, dissecting the streams, highs, and lows.

So, this summer vacation, create your own story to tell with a trip to Darjeeling in May, the best of months that you can have in the hill stations.

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