International Flower Festival in Gangtok, Sikkim in May 2018

Precise Information-

  • Duration of celebration: 1 month
  • Dates for 2018: 1st May 2018- 31st May 2018
  • Location: Gangtok, Sikkim
  • Tourism season: Peak Season
  • Climate: Very pleasant
  • Seasonal Time: Spring Season
  • Combined Events: Food Fair and White Water Rafting

Our country India is the boiling cauldron of brilliant and dazzling hued gaieties and celebrations. Be it the festival of lights or be it the festival of colors, each celebration has played a significant role in invoking a sentiment of charity and togetherness amongst the citizens. On contrary, the festivals celebrated in the various states and in the varied period of time have always enchanted the visitors from across the world, leaving them in awe and wonder.  Festivals, in fact, have been the crucial element in bringing joy and have immensely played a vital role in building memories that will last a lifetime.

If you’re looking for an element of lure and bliss, by immersing in the incredible and unique festival celebration, then recommend you to plan your trip to Gangtok Sikkim.

Sikkim International Flower festival at a glimpse-

Sikkim International Flower festival at a glimpse

While listing the best festivals in Indian Calendar that you desire to attend, ensure to mark the International Flower Festival in May in Gangtok, Sikkim. Sikkim is the gem of the Himalayan states. The first organic and spit-free state of India snuggled in the lower Himalayas has a reputation of engrossing its visitors with its natural appeal. Besides the landscapes charm, the state offers a plethora of activities starting from leisurely, adventure, sightseeing, etc. Sikkim is also a pilgrim’s destination, peace seekers’ paradise, and wanderlusts’ haven. If you want to witness something fascinating and incredible apart from sightseeing, then plan your trip to Gangtok, Sikkim in the month of May. It is because the International Flower Festival is celebrated for the entire month in Gangtok Sikkim, starting from May 1st till 31st May every year.

Highlights of the International Flower Festivals in Gangtok Sikkim-


This annual celebration International Flower festival is organized by the Government of Sikkim. This festival not only signifies the beauty and the aspects of Sikkim tourism but also accentuates the diversification and endowment of nature in Sikkim.  The festival features over 600 species of orchids, over 30 species of exotic rhododendrons ranging from 2 inches in length to gigantic ones, 240 species of trees, exotic species of flowers, ferns, and other exotic Himalayan faunas.  The festival is the delight and feast to the eye of the beholder.  The incredible celebration enchants every spectator with its ineffable beauty and flawless ambiance.

Delight in the brilliant hues and gather knowledge about Himalayan faunas-

Delight in the brilliant hues and gather knowledge about Himalayan faunas

The International Flower festivals are not just flower display and photographic tenor but it provides a vivid insight and knowledge about the variety of both flowering and non-flowering Himalayan faunas. The nature lovers and botany enthusiasts, farming inspired minds can gain a massive knowledge, and benefit from being a part of this festival. Sikkim takes pride in its exotic terrestrial plants like Rhododendrons, and epiphytes like Orchids.  Besides, you can even have a thorough look at the varieties of bamboo that grows in Sikkim, as grows in plenty and serves many purposes of Sikkimese people.

Additional amusement during International Flower Festival-

Additional amusement during International Flower Festival

Apart from the exotic and dynamic array of the Himalayan plants, you can enjoy the authentic Sikkimese cuisine at the food fair that is organized with the Flower Festival.  The feast to the eye combined with a treat to your platter makes a perfect blend, ultimately enhancing your Sikkim festival tour.  Relish the cuisines that are the amalgamation of Sikkimese, Nepalese, Tibetan, Indian cuisines, which all make your trip even more amazing and worth the time and expense.

Enchanting Event with a bit of Himalayan Adventure-

International Flower Festival in Gangtok, Sikkim in May 2018

Not just the flower show, visitors can even venture into adventure activities, such as White Water Rafting organized during the show. You can even attend the seminars and lectures that educate about the various species of plants throughout Sikkim region.

Who would say No to International Flower Festival? None does! Enjoy and Revel in the best and happiest moments of your traveling life in Sikkim.

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