A Special Bonding Experience with Family on a Trip to Darjeeling

A Special Bonding Experience with Family on a Trip to Darjeeling

In this hectic world, it’s very difficult to manage a balancing life between work and family. Seldom in a year, steal that moment when you can give time to your family. But, it’s quite difficult to bond with them when you have already been busy with your work all the time. So, if you want to reignite the bonding with your family, then buy no expensive gifts. Rather give them a dreamlike vacation in Darjeeling, far away from the chaos of the cities, where there will be you and your family to care for.

Aptly called the queen of hills, Darjeeling is one of the most coveted hill stations in India. The former summer retreat of the colonists has secured the number 1 position as the most visited hill station in India by foreigners. Abode to the Toy Train and the world famous Tea, Darjeeling offers a wonderful vacation amid its breathtaking backdrop and the majestic Himalayan charm.  Darjeeling is an ideal destination for the all aged travelers. Thus, traveling to Darjeeling in a group with children and the elderly can never be a problem. So, this holiday season, if you want to give something extraordinary to your family, give them a perfect summer/winter vacation exclusively from Darjeeling package for the family.

How to reach?

By Air: the nearest airport is Bagdogra Airport (IXB), which is connected to the major cities in India.  Once you land here, a taxi will drive you to Darjeeling. However, we recommend you to book taxis prior to your arrival to avoid inconvenience. Don’t fret, if you haven’t, you can get instant taxi services from Bagdogra Airport to Darjeeling.

By Rail: New Jalpaiguri Railway Station (NJP) is the nearest railway station and it is connected with the vast railway networks of the country. Once you arrive here, you can book a taxi that will drive you to Darjeeling.

By Road: Once you arrive at the nearest Airport/Railway station to Darjeeling, you can find shared vehicles in Siliguri. But, it is best to opt for car hire for a hassle-free and convenient journey, as shared vehicles carry a large group of people, not forgetting the fact that they all get down at different locations, which is time-consuming and exasperating.

Where to stay in Darjeeling?

There is no dearth of accommodations in Darjeeling. However, it will be wise to do a thorough research before you book one.  If you’re unsure about choosing an ideal hotel in Darjeeling, don’t worry. You can pick your ideal holiday home for your family vacation in Darjeeling

CHAS Hotels- Sanderling Hotel

CHAS Hotels- Sian Resort & Spa

Teli Hotels

Top Darjeeling sightseeing places ideal for a family vacation

  1. Japanese Temple and Peace Pagoda– Your family shouldn’t miss a wonderful visit to this place. Shrouded in peaceful ambiance, the temple and pagoda are the best places to be included in the top list for Darjeeling sightseeing tour.


  1. Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary– Established in 1915, it is the oldest wildlife sanctuaries in India. It is the home to the rich and rare Himalayan flora and fauna.  However, you need special permits to get accessibility to the sanctuary which your tour operator will arrange for you.


  1. Llyod’s Botanical Garden- To witness more of the Himalayan faunas and its charm, Llyod’s Botanical Garden deserves a place in your bucket list for Darjeeling sightseeing tour. The garden displays a diverse array of flowering and non-flowering plants ranging from various species and sizes.


  1. Tiger Hill- You cannot be truly satisfied unless you witness the first break of dawn at Tiger Hill. The most famous sunrise point in Darjeeling is located at a quite considerable distance. Hence, we recommend you to start early so that you can witness the glorious phenomenon, the first ray of sun nudging the magnificent Kanchenjunga ranges.


  1. Yiga Choeling Monastery/ Ghoom Monastery: Also known as the Ghoom monastery, It is a prominent place of worship and a sacred site of the Buddhist people. Located at Ghoom, you need an extended drive from your hotel to reach the spot.


  1. Happy Valley Tea Estate- Your family deserves a perfect day strolling amid the luxuriant tea estates and Happy Valley Tea Estate is the nearest of all. So, make your sightseeing in Darjeeling worthwhile wandering amid the riot of greens. Try your hands on tea plucking while breathing in the freshest mountain air blended with aromatic blossoms.  Watch the tea manufacturing process in the factory nearby; purchase the freshest organic Darjeeling tea from the factory stalls at best prices.


  1. Batasia Loop- Cool mountain air, well-manicured garden blooming with Himalayan flowering plants, spiral railway track, and the open flat area facing the majestic Himalayan ranges- that’s what defines a glimpse of Batasia Loop! There’s also a memorial for the late Gorkha Indian armies, and you can witness the Toy train whistling on the narrow spiral track.


  1. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway- How about sightseeing in Darjeeling with an extended journey amid the greens with a ride on Toy Train? Seize the opportunity to take your family for a joy ride in Toy Train while in Darjeeling. The joy it brings is something that cannot be bought with money.

So, why wait for more? Avail Darjeeling travel package equipped with customized itineraries that are best suited and convenient for the family vacation In Darjeeling.  So, pack your bags and ditch the rest behind.