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A trip to Changu Lake in Sikkim with a car rented service

Changu Lake or Tsomgo Lake is a glacial lake in the East Sikkim district of the Indian state of Sikkim. This lake remains frozen throughout the winter season up to mid-April and even snowfalls from Dec to May end. The distance is about 40 kilometers from the capital city of Gangtok. This lake is located at an elevation of 12,313 ft. The lake surface reflects different colors along with the change of seasons and is extremely considered sacred by the local Sikkim’s people. The lake is almost 1km long, 50ft deep and it is oval in shape.

 Best time to visit Changu Lake:

  During winters (from January to mid-May) the lake is completely covered in snow and you can enjoy trekking as well Yak and Mule rides along the coasts of the lake. From October to December, the lake is partly covered with sheets of ice and migratory birds can be seen near the lake. From April to July you can see blooming wildflowers. But most of the time, Changu lake has a wonderful weather. You can experience the view and spend some time to explore the place.

What to see in Changu Lake:

 This oval-shaped deep blue lake is a treat to the eyes of the tourist. You will get the best view of the lake after crossing it on the way to New Baba Mandir. In late spring, the surroundings of the lake get filled with beautiful wildflowers which give the lake a mix of colors. The different flowers like Rhododendrons, blue and yellow poppies create a breathtaking effect. A small rustic market can be seen just before entering Changu Lake which sells yak cheese, trinkets and local curios to the tourists. There is also a small Shiva temple on the bank of the lake.

Things to do at the Changu Lake:

The most beautiful thing to watch is the changing colors of the lake. It was believed that in ancient times, the Lamas used to predict the future by observing the lake’s color. The faith healers of Sikkim, popularly known as Jhakhris visit the lake during Guru Purnima to offer prayers. But humans are not the only visitors; it is the home to Brahmini ducks and many migratory birds. The main wonder of this place is the mountains surrounding the lake. Rides on colorfully decorated yaks and mules are also offered at the lake site. It has many shops selling the variety of foods and beverages. Snow boots and Gumboots are hired here for walking in the midst of the snow. Shah tours will provide facilities in every possible way to each Indian and Foreign nationals to experience such a beautiful tour.

Tsomgo Passenger Ropeway- an adding attraction to the tourists:

 Tsomgo Passenger Ropeway is at a height of 14,500 ft. on Tsomgo Lake on the way to Nathula and Baba Mandir. The scenic beauty and the beautiful snow covered mountains can be viewed by booking a ropeway or cable car. You can get the tickets at Tsomgo Lake.

How to reach Changu Lake:

 Shah Tours will provide you the best car rental service from Sikkim to visit the Lake.  The distance from Gangtok to Changu Lake is 38 km, and from Rongli to Changu Lake via Zuluk is 75 km. No overnight accommodation is available so you have to return to Gangtok or start your journey to Nathang Valley, Zuluk by evening.

Permit and Entry Rules:

 Indians: Indian Tourist needs to get the permission to visit the lake and this will be provided by the Travel Agency of Sikkim, Government Authority. There are two check posts for Indians to visit the lake, Gangtok or Rongli. To create permit, the visitor has to provide few documents after which he will be permitted to visit Changu Lake.

Foreigners: There is only one way for the foreign nationals to visit the lake, through Gangtok check post as Rongli check post is strictly closed for them. They also have to get the special permission to visit the lake by the Sikkim Travel Agents and have to show some documents to get the permission and an ILP (Inner Line Permit) is created in Sikkim border either in Rangpho or Melli before entering Sikkim which is also shown by the foreign nationals.

Exploring Sikkim: 

To get the perfect view and to explore the places of sightseeing in and around Changu lake Shah Tours gives you the best offer and a reasonable car rental service in Sikkim.