Tips to pack clothes for a memorable honeymoon to Darjeeling

Darjeeling is the perfect hill-station for couples. The lush green tea plantations, mesmerizing sunrises, the untouched beauty of the hills and the welcoming smiles of the local people will compel you to fall in love with this little town. Away from the hot and humid summers of India, Darjeeling is a popular tourist destination in North-East India.

Honeymoon in Darjeeling

The honeymoon is the most eagerly awaited vacation for couples. Every newlywed love to spend honeymoon in some beautiful place. If you are planning then no other place is better than the lovely hills of Darjeeling.

Have you ever imagined you and your better half enjoying the cold weather, sipping hot tea and walking hand in hand amidst the lovely tea gardens? Shah tours will definitely give you the opportunity to have a beautiful and mesmerizing honeymoon in Darjeeling to get an unforgettable experience.

What to pack for traveling?

Every couple loves traveling and exploring new places. Everything which we need for traveling gets arranged but when it comes to packing it becomes very difficult to decide. If you are planning for a vacation during winters, then there are few essential things to pack for a perfect honeymoon in Darjeeling. They are:

  • Woolen Clothes
  • First Aid
  • Casual Clothes
  • Charger, Mobile phone, etc
  • Money and Documents
  • Toothbrush, Soap bar, etc
  • Driving License, Identity Card, etc
  • Digital Camera
  • Headphones

How to pack things for your travel?

After collecting the things next comes to make a rough list of all the things you have collected. You should take a good look at the list and omit out the things you do not need. Then make a final list and start with your packing. The second thing comes is the type of bag. You need to choose the right bag which is light-weighted and which will avoid you to pay extra charges.

Next is the packing. As you will be traveling during winter so it is very important to utilize every inch of your bag so that your clothes do not get creased. There are many types of bags where you can save a lot of space for including extra things later.

Clothes to pack during winter

Opting for clothes is very difficult so we suggest you to first include the casual clothes which are a must need for any travel. Like jeans, a party wear, tops and t-shirts for both men and women as neutrals, black and white go with almost every combination. Except that you can take woolen clothes for winter in Darjeeling.

Have a wonderful honeymoon in Darjeeling

The honeymoon is the best time for every couple. Spending it in Darjeeling is an icing on the cake. To rejuvenate your love Shah Tours will give you the best facilities to spend your honeymoon in the lovely town of Darjeeling.