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Top 4 fascinating waterfalls in Nepal for an exhilarating trip

Nepal- the land of Mount Everest

Nepal is a beautiful country which is blessed with nature’s choicest attractions. This country is surrounded with snowy peaks, incredible landscapes, and impressive mountains. Nepal is a country that has culture, adventure and beauty rolled into one. This dreamland is a paradise that people look forward to visit every year. So the most reliable and trusted travel agency such as Shah Tours will offer the best Nepal tour packages for an incredible vacation.

Best time to visit Nepal

The months of October and December are the best time to visit Nepal as the sky is clear and the views are spectacular. Till April the weather remains dry. The months of January and February are very cold. From May, the heat and humidity levels increase till the monsoon arrives in June and the clouds cover the glorious mountain views.

Famous waterfalls in Nepal

1- Devi’s fall:

Devi’s fall in nepal

This waterfall is a fast-moving river which goes through a narrow canyon. When the stream is at full force after the monsoon rains, the sound of the water plunging over the hills is deafening.


Best time to visit: During the rainy season

Location: Pokhara, Nepal

Distance from Nepal: 28 kilometers

2- Hyatung Falls:

Hyatung Falls

Hyatung Falls is the highest fall in Nepal. This fall has an elevation of about 365 meters. It has been stated in one article in the Nepali Times that the falls is the “largest waterfall in Asia”.


Best time to visit: During March, April, and May

Location: Nepal

Distance from Devi’s fall: 372 kilometers

3- Namaste Falls:

Namaste Falls in Nepal

The name clearly indicates “Namaste” where the shape of the waterfall is in the form of Namaste. The fall is about 80 meters high. The most attracting feature of this place is that you can see a rainbow-like seven color formation if you stand close to the waterfall.


Best time to visit: April and May

Location: Dhankuta district in Nepal

Distance from Hyatung Falls: After you reach Dhankuta district you will reach Namaste Falls with a distance of 31.3 kilometers which take approximately 50 minutes

4- Rupse Falls:

Rupse Falls

Rupse Falls is a natural waterfall with an elevation of 300 meters. It is the most famous tourist destination in Nepal. The deepest gorge in the world, Kali Gandaki Gorge is located nearby to the Rupse Falls.


Best time to visit: April and May

Location: Dhawalgiri Zone of western Nepal

Distance from Rupse Falls: Travel about 110 kilometers from Pokhara and 41 kilometers from Jomson as it is situated in the Beni-Jomson route.

Visit the waterfalls for a refreshing tour

This country has some of the most amazing waterfalls which attract thousands of travelers and nature lovers from all over the world. The scenic charm of these waterfalls increases during the heavy rains in monsoon. The scenic beauty and ambiance created by these falls is a worth to watch. So, make a list of these waterfalls so that it does not get missed during your Nepal vacation.